Makerspace Kits Fundraising - help, please?

  • 3D

    @BrianB awesome!

  • 3D

    @ColeVanD 200 pairs of Canadian leaf earrings come to about $5 in filament

    Mother recommends $5 per pair, That will mean 1000$ roughly if we manage to sell out.
    I plan on bringing my Anet A8 to show off 3d printing and maybe even grab a little more attention to our ‘Booth’ while having the chance to do more 3d prints while I am there.

    I also recommend that we bring some prints from the Makerspace from our Prusa i3

    If the weather is in out favor.

  • Design Lab

    @BrianB we could use 4 sq ft of 6 mm acrylic in 6 funky colours - is that something you might be able to order? I have ordered 200 bearings for fidgets. We want to make a Fidget Station where kids choose their colour of plexi, their bearing type and cap type and assemble themselfves at the event.

    Not sure if acrylic is something that fits for you to order - dont sweat it if it doesn’t!

    Thank you so much for your generous offer.

  • Yoda would probably be a big hit. Let me know if you want to borrow him for the event. I’ll be up in Williams Lake that weekend but can drop him off with you sometime the week before. Printing a copy of him is possible as well. I believe that the file is still on the SD card. Cheers!

  • We are sourcing the acrylic sheet, and will pass it on to Grant when it arrives. We also have a bunch of laser-engraveable alumimum dog tags (meant for both dogs and people) that we could donate. Custom engraving owner info, etc. should bring in some $. I’ll give a few samples to Grant.


  • Classroom

    Would it be feasible/agreeable to the membership to introduce a membership gift card that we could sell at the table on Canada day? I am thinking maybe we could offer 3 months/$120, or possible a $40 one-month membership with the purchase of one of our other kits. We could make it so that they have to be claimed within a year or expire. Big retailers make a ton of money from gift cards that are never redeemed. I would be happier to see a bump in membership, but maybe it could be a win either way.

  • Member

    @kile I think there is a legality confusion about gift cards that expire.
    Taken from random google suggested website "This answer is taken from Gift Cards, produced by the Ministry of Consumer Services.

    On October 1, 2007, the Consumer Protection Act banned expiry dates and most fees on gift cards bought after that date to make sure you get their full value, regardless of when you use them. The only fees a business is allowed to charge are to customize a gift card or replace one that has been lost or stolen."

  • Classroom

    @Chainmaildave, there is no issue here. We wouldn’t be selling a gift card, we would be selling a membership that must be redeemed within the next calendar year. We just say that it is not exchangeable for anything else, and has no cash value.

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