Laser Cutter Maintenace: Monday June 5th @7pm

  • @Vaughn and @Chainmaildave both showed me some strange behaviour that the laser beam is showing, and it is certainly not tuned right anymore. We need to do a full inspection, cleaning and checking mirrors. Since we have a LOT of lasering to do this month, I feel that we need to urgently deal with this issue. The earliest time I am available is Monday and that is the time I suggested. If you are interested in getting involved in the laser maintenance, please let me know here if you can make it or not. Thanks!

    cc @Grant-Fraser @Vaughn @pierre @Chainmaildave @MIPS @Ron_Ron @Torren @colin anyone else I missed?

  • I’m in.

  • Design Lab

    Im in, too.

  • Member

    I’m in

  • Sounds good to me.

  • Sure. I can be there.

  • Member

    I will be there

  • And me!

  • Oh butts I knew I missed something last night!

    Sorry… >_>

  • No worries @MIPS we got it done.

    The beam was moving around as the X axis moved when Y was all the way to the front.

    With the laser pointed at the front right extreme corner, barely any of the beam was going into the aperture at all.

    Also, there was an alignment issue on the Z axis making parallelogram shaped parts (likely somebody raised the bed and pinched the honeycomb against the laser at some point and lost some steps on one of the two Z-motors) that is now sorted. The bed is level, and the laser now cuts well at much lower power.

    Be advised: We were getting decent cuts at 30% power and the same speeds in material that it was taking 50% power to do before beam alignment. If you are trying to score something without cutting through, you are likely to need to adjust your settings.

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