Choose ONE word to describe why you love Canada

  • Please choose ONE WORD to describe why you love Canada! Add that word to the comments here. I will use all your responses here as well as those on this FB post to create an art piece that will be for auction on Canada day, to raise funds for Kamloops Makerspace. Feel free to share and spread on your social networks. Repeated words are fine. The more responses I get the better. Thank you! :smile:


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  • In total I received 81 words from here, facebook and private messages. Since the word skookum was clearly the prominent one, I decided to make something skookum , so I made this bench which I am calling :maple_leaf: :fireworks: CANADA SKOOKUM BENCH:fireworks: :maple_leaf:

    I made the word pattern using an online word cloud generator and then I process it a bit in Inkscape.

    Today I deliver the bench to this happy couple who had the winning bid on Canada day. The smile on their face made my day.

    Big thank you to all 81 people who contributed to my art project :)

    Also thank you @derpko ;)

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    @arasbm awesome work! Curious what it sold for??

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