Outside Cleanup

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    I bumped into Kevin the other day while he was cleaning the classroom out.

    He’s not impressed with the stuff piled outside of the building. We need to get on that. He’d like to see it gone ASAP.

    Me and my trailer can be available for a cleanup and dump run in the next few days. I think a single run and a couple of hours of sorting, loading and unloading should do it if there are 3-5 of us.

    Day time works best for me, as the dump closes at 430 I think. Tuesdays and thursdays are not great for me. Sunday is usually best, although this week its looking like I’ll be out of town with my son.

    If the troops rally at a time I can’t make it, my trailer is still available.

    For all those that have some coveted piece of scrap along the side of the building near the back door, this is a warning…speak up to its usefulness and find a home for it, or it’ll find its way to the dump or some other resting place that isn’t the outside of the building.


  • Can the snowblower be moved back into the cage somehow? We’re done with it for at least another six months.

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