Mud Room Plumbing

  • Because last winter we allowed the mud room to fall well below freezing and none of the plumbing out there is protected from this, the copper lines for the refrigerator cooling (water line, not the refrigerant loop), the sink and the swamp cooler have all burst. Do we have a plan yet regarding how to repair the damage and deal with this in the future?

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    @MIPS it isn’t so much that we allowed it to freeze…

  • I’m not pointing fingers. It was a mutual consensus that we put the curtain up to stop the really bad draft that was coming in through that room.

  • We can install electric heat before winter. The actual repairing of the lines just requires someone to take the job on.

  • If we are going to heat the mud room at all, it really needs some insulation. Otherwise we are also heating the parking lot.

    I initially thought we should move the shelves out from the walls, and install insulation behind them… but thinking about it: Why not put a foil backer in and syrofoam doors on the shelves? Turn them into a layer of foam with a 3 foot air gap…

    That would also tend to keep the mud room from heating up as much in the summer.

    We’d have to do something about the ceiling though. Drop ceiling?

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    @pierre Does anyone keep (or want to keep) paint/glue/stuff-that-matters-if-it-freezes-or-gets-too-hot in the mud room? That might weigh in on insulation decisions.

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    I don’t know the pipe layout but it might be easier/cheaper keep the curtain and insulate the pipes with heated pipe wrap (we used to use the old school Christmas light strings but there are safer alternatives out there)

  • All we need is the room to stay above 0. Alternately we install a valve at the low point of each line so we can winterize it because everything has a shutoff valve in the kitchen.

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