Free Kiln

  • I got an email from Philipp @mellem

    Hi Aras,
    I have this Kiln sitting around that I’m not using. It needs some electrical work but should work fine.
    A few people at KIC asked me to put it to use at the Makerspace, but with baby #2 having arrived, I have no time.
    If you guys would like it, you’re welcome to pick it up anytime in our backyard.
    All that comes with it is on it or inside. Let me know if you’re interested :)

    Let me know if you are interested and who would be willing to go pick it up and I could try and arrange a time over email. I think when we went to pick up the CNC router @Bradley-Maker and @Chainmaildave were with me. Their house is very close to makerspace (less than 2min drive).

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