Building 20 MeArm Kits for Canada day

  • I will be at makerspace this hack night to build some kits. My goal is to build 20 kits for Canada da.y. Tomorrow I mostly want to tally all the pieces and see if we are missing any parts. In general, here what the kits will be composed of:

    • A box
    • Arduino Nano
    • Mini USB cable (A to mini-B)
    • Some sort of wiring solution (networking wire and proto board or breadboard?)
    • 9 gram hobby servo * 4
    • Laser cut acrylic pieces
    • 4 rubber feet
    • Metric fasteners
      • M3x6 M3x8 M3x10 M3x12 M3x20 and M3 nuts
    • Allen key/screw driver
    • Battery pack
    • Instruction Manual
    • makerspace pamphlet

    Everyone is welcome to join me and help out make some of these kits.

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  • I’d definitely like to helpout. When are you planning on heading to the space?

  • @lucaswallace I will get the between 6pm and 7pm and will stay at least for 3 hours.

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    Looks fun, would love to help if I’m around

  • big thank you to @Ron_Ron @dhylands and @ColeVanD for helping out last week to kickstart the kits. We have enough parts for 14 kits.

    I am planning to continue working on these kits again this Wednesday. Here are my goals:

    • try a few demo programs and test the power with AA batteries
    • customize the laser cut pieces, especially for our hardware and do a test cut

    Again, you are welcome to join us, try build one of these robots, or write a program or just hang out.

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    @arasbm, is there any plan to work on the documentation for this project?

    From our previous conversations I got the impression that this was an area needing improvement on the MeArm, and it will be of the utmost importance if we are selling these as do-it-yourself kits.

  • @kile there is a pretty good manual with MeArm but what it is lacking is some programming example. If we can make a video showing the parts and the final product, it will also be very usefull.

  • I found this: which shows basic wiring using a regular arduino, along with some software.

  • @arasbm I just remembered that we’re still missing 3 wires for each kit.

    a pair of wires to connect the 5V/Ground rails on each side of the breadboard, and a ground wire to connect the Arduino to one of the rgound rails.

    I won’t be able to make it next week (I’ll be in San Francisco).

  • Just finishing up the kits now. Lets see how many we can sell tomorrow.

  • There was a lot of interest in the robot arms but I only sold one kit (A couple of other families said they will come to a hack night and buy one), The lesson I learned from helping at the booth is that for this event most people are looking to spend only a few box, with 5$ being the most popular purchase. Both @Vaughn and @Chainmaildave had told me this, but I wanted to try anyway. As a result we now have 13 kits in the office that we could sell for 100$ each on hack nights. Next time I am in, I will organize them and put a sign on them so any keyholder can sell them. Thanks again to everyone who helped me with this project!

  • @arasbm said:

    The lesson I learned from helping at the booth is that for this event most people are looking to spend only a few box, with 5$ being the most popular purchase.

    It is nice to have a couple of big-ticket items at the booth too though. I once bought a $300 item from a booth at the park, does not happen often, but it does happen. An awful lot of the booths out there have a ton of stuff that is expensive… Things I look at, sometimes talk to the artist about, but ultimately am not carrying enough cash to purchase, and am not willing to run over to the bank, pull a pile more money and come back for.

    I’m sure the $5 items will really move, and as long as we can have a ton of them to sell we’ll do ok, but $20-40 items will also likely be worth doing, maybe in much smaller quantities, and with more variety. It’d be cool to have most of the “demo” items available for purchase in that price range. I bought a 3d printed robot from @BlakeWolter’s booth at Fan Expo last summer, just so I’d have an example of the print quality that was possible off a selective laser sintering machine…

  • Aras, those kits look great. How can I pick one up for my daughter?

  • @robert said:

    Aras, those kits look great. How can I pick one up for my daughter?

    @robert swing by the space, the remaining kits are in the office and available for sale. I was helping a child and his father put one together last night. There are subtle alignment cues in the hole spacing… Many parts will appear to fit together more than one way, but the screws will only go in when you have it correctly aligned, so it pays to try to get the parts lined up correctly before you stuff the servos in.

  • @robert the kits are in the office, I need to double check to make sure all the parts are in there before I give them to you, since there are a few in the mix that miss some parts. I will drop by the space this weekend and make you a special kit and post here. Thanks! :)

  • @pierre awesome! definitely download and follow the manual, it is actually very helpful for those tricky parts.

  • @robert I left a kit with your name on it in the office, on the window sill. Any keyholder should be able to give that to you next time you drop by makerspace. If they can not take the money, you can grab an envelope from the office and put the money in the drop box. Thanks!

  • Thanks Aras. I’ll pick up asap. I’ll let you know if I need another one.

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    Hi There is a family here trying to find the manual to build their Me Arm. Someone please tell me where it is or link to the website! Pretty please with sugar on top.

  • Thanks Aras, we will need that. Is there another programming or users manual we should have to control the MeArm?

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