250$ 10KG Ebay PLA Filament makes me sad :(

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    Parts are “Mushy” and sad I dont believe this is even real PLA or atleast not high quality.
    They also left nice marks in my PRINTinZ build mat and that really made me angry.

    Lesson learned, just buy the good filament in Canada for the same price!

    I’m going to hope to get all my money back or at least a good 90% of it, because if not I’m
    just going to roll up and die a little

    If anyone has recommendations On how I should print this please tell me.
    195 / 50 Temps
    I ran this same gcode 4 times with no problem with popping off my prints until I used a different filament.

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    The Filament isn’t bad It was just that part of the roll I used… and some setting and tweaks needed to be made and now it prints fine!

    I have it in boxes on the shelf by the 3D printers if you want to use some just ask me.

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