Visiting Victoria Makerspace

  • This coming Sunday (March 15th) I will be in Victoria to meet with Derek Jakoby and Thomas Gray from Victoria Makerspace. They also have a box of donations for us that I will be picking up.

    This is a great opportunity for us to go over our initial plans with them and ask some important questions. Let me know in this thread what questions you have for them, or anything that you would want me to pay extra attention to while I am hanging out at their space.

  • Say hi to Thomas for me, FYI he appreciates cider. I was involved a little bit with them before we moved here to Kamloops, still haven’t been to the Kamloops space :(

  • Here are some pictures to share from my visit this Sunday. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to see how much their space has grown over the last two years! They have come a long way, and I can say they most likely have one of the best makerspaces in BC.

    The space is located inside the Vancouver Island Technology Park. There is lots of parking available. It is also very close to Camoson college. You can see they have added a “temporary structure” that they are using for metal forging and casting. It is one of the well used areas of the space.

    They have a very nice collection of metal tools and a MIG welder that I could see (they likely have more welding equipment in the space that I did not see).

    Of course they have 3D printers and 2 laser cutters (a 40w and an 80w). Lots of filament, acrylic, wood and other material is available to members to use. They have done a great job with ventilation and air filters.

    Lots of open space that helps them organize and store ongoing projects. The bathrooms were also very nice – they even have a shower and a urinal in there!

    Really nice electronics section. They have a manual pick and place machine and proper equipments for doing surface mount circuit boards. Derek mentioned that a few members there are developing circuit boards for their startups.

    Nicely enclosed wood working space with lots of great tools.

    They are also the first makerspace/hackerspace in Canada to include a dedicated community bio lab, a very impressive initiative!

    I was really inspired by how far the Victoria Makerspace has come, in only a few years. They now have over 70 members and are only accepting long term keyholder members.

    What I saw really reaffirms that we are on the right track. Many of the decisions we are making are in line with what Victoria Makerspace has done to get here. I spent a few hours talking to Derek and got a lot of good advice from him that should help us more over the next few critical months.

    If you have friends in Victoria make sure to tell them about this hidden gem. :smile:

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