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    Could someone volunteer to upgrade the website graphics and pages? We are currently switching our internet and website ownership from @arasbm to Makerspace.

    The main things I see are:

    • new, better photos of clean shops, with a generic blurb about the capabilities of each
    • sponsors logos uploaded - we can start pecking away at this one - having this page easily updateable would be good
    • Membership signup button?
    • Hacknight and Maker Monday info

    *partner (like Insight) info, encouraging other partakers

    Probably other ideas, but those would be a good start!

    And THANK YOU to @arasbm for covering the cost of this for years! You are awesome, Dr. B.!

  • The website is hosted on some mystical place called github. If you know the secret knock and which spells to use on CSS and HTML you can make changes. It would be awesome if someone could replace that system with a template type system so that non technical people could update the website content that would be fabulous.

  • @Grant-Fraser github is not mystical at all. It is the standard way to do web development these days. Don’t bother changing it into some templating system unless you actually can come up with content for it regularly. I have asked people several times to just give me the content they want and I would update it, and I have not received anything yet.

    We can switch it to wordpress, but I ensure you if someone knows how to do website, editing a few simple HTML pages is much much faster than setting up a whole CMS.

    If the board decides to go with wordpress or something like that, you guys have the domain now and you can switch the website over anytime you like.

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    @arasbm thank you for the info and guidance - I have a lot of the content ready to go, if you mean photos, text and page changes. We have a Board Meeting this Sunday - we’ll get a game plan together.

  • 3D

    We really need a logging system in place for ‘MakerSpace is open button’. Data matters and If we can keep the Space open when we get the most amount of foot traffic that would be awesome to attract more members rather then guesstimate when to keep the space open.

    No disrespect to the current button as it does the job great!!! @toxuin

  • 3D

    Two possible ways: we can add a barebones logging thingy to the existing button and export data for external processing or put this on a feature-wish-list for RFID membership system. First approach is quick, but very dirty. Second is the proper way, but requires time as I think this will not be the first thing on the features to implement list.
    Current button was a dirty-quick solution and was designed to plug a hole for a functionality that we needed, but could not wait to get implemented properly. It will eventually get disposed as replaced with proper RFID and membership system part (maybe with similar – or even same – user experience).

    On the topic: please do not do wordpress, joomla or some other PHP CMS BS. It is a maintenance nightmare. Please look towards a static site generator like Wintersmith. I have a feeling we had this discussion before?..

    Sorry I could not attend yesterday’s meeting since I was out of country. I would be glad to hear your guys thoughts/decisions/wishes on the website situation and discuss possible course of action.

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    @toxuin, we went over this at the board meeting last night, and have decided to go forward with your previous recommendations on this. You had mentioned a couple of potential CMSs, but I am having trouble digging up the post. If we can come up with a time to discuss it when you are back that would be great.

    As far as logging for the open indicator, would it make sense to implement the “quick and dirty” solution as a stop gap so that we can capture some data until we can find the time to go and do it correctly?

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    I found the thread I was looking for, because I started it with a TAG! People, use Tags better! It is practically the only way that I can ever find an old forum post, the search feature returns SO MANY unrelated things. If anyone is interested, Tony recommended Jekyll or Hugo in this thread

  • The nightmare scenario we are dealing with right now is that only technical people can update the web site and all of the technical people are busy. We need a website that can be updated by non-technical people. Somehow other web sites manage to have users that can upload pictures of their cats without needing to understand coding. The internet hasn’t collapsed.

    When a sponsor donates something to us we need to be able to upload a picture and a description and a thank you. We need to be able to do that right away and not months later.

  • @Grant-Fraser when you go to the website right now and click on sponsors and donations that takes you to this donations page. All you have to do to add an item to that is make a post on the forum thanking the sponsor and maybe attach and image to it then tag the post with donations. That way people can comment on them too which make it look even better (businesses LOVE testimonials)

    That has been there since day one, still people don’t use it. That post will be public, searchable and authentic. You can post the picture of you cats there too, but I would not recommend it.

  • @kile @toxuin I agree going with static generators would be much better choice than wordpress like CMS. I agree with Tony about them being much easier to maintain.

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    @arasbm, are you sure about the sponsors page on our website? From the link I clicked in the top navigation bar, and the sponsors link from scrolling to the bottom of the page, I get this (which is just a totally blank sponsors page).

  • @kile the link is on top right. It is Donations. It was meant to be a quick and easy way to acknowledge donations until we get the sponsor up on the website which I never got to. It is far from ideal, but my point is that is easy to use if someone want to put donations on the web with a thank you message.

  • That just brings us to the list of forum posts that was tagged with donations. That’s not the same as a forward facing page that lists our sponsors and what they’re done for us. We need for the website to be updated regularly by non technical people. The way we’ve always done it isn’t working and we need to do it differently.

  • @Vaughn you asked me in another thread what is needed to update the website. Here is what you need:

    1. Content: that is finished text and images that need to go onto website. Needs to be ready to go so the person making the site can get it done quickly
    2. Need a volunteer who knows how to make websites. There are some good suggestions here already, but as it is with doocracy I would leave the choice up to the person actually volunteering to make the site
    3. Upload the site to the git repo or move to new host if necessary. Right now the site is using free GitHub pages hosting which is actually pretty good

    I am NOT volunteering to do this because I have other personal projects. Just providing my advice since you asked. Good luck!

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    Thank you @arasbm !

  • Classroom

    This was discussed at the members meeting last night. Basic summary of the discussion is that we have identified a few of the “best” ways to proceed on the technical front, but no one with the technical chops is volunteering to make the changes.

    @megan-fenkhuber is looking into a commercial provider such as square space, and will provide a recommendation here.

    The rough consensus is that we need to stop worrying about the best way to do this, and just git’er done

  • @megan.fenkhuber when your’re feeling brave I’ve discovered Stripe has a subscription widget. We can use it to have people subscribe to a membership.

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    @Grant-Fraser, HOLD UP

    Talk to @toxuin before considering anything to do with the website and membership.

    A donation button is one thing, membership is a little more complicated.

  • @kile membership is completely manual at this point anyway. There is no tie in from the website to the RFID system. The way I see it working is that I get an email notification from stripe and then manually transfer that info to a spreadsheet. It can wait until we have the wider discussion about membership levels. This is just a way for us to consider payments other than building an ecommerce website.

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    The website upgrade looks great - thank you to @megan-fenkhuber , and @pierre for actually making it happen!

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