RFID and Membership system?

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    I was talking to @arasbm and @Grant-Fraser about what is required to finally get the RFID and security system up and running. @ColeVanD is chomping at the bit to have the building open more and the RFID system is key to that. I know that @colin has put a lot of work into the wiring and @toxuin has done a complete ton of work on the plug in - what is still to be done and can we do it?

    My understanding is that Tony and Colin have done a huge amount of work on this; what can we do to support this work and get this done?

    Do we need to order fobs? Any other upfront expenses?

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    @Ron_Ron Then just attach a switch to open and close the space, Basically a toggle to accept RFID Keys or not accept them And It seems pretty straight forward tell me if anyone else has a better idea we need this system up asap or at least a crutch before a well made system is in.

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    Great looking project to attach the lock to once it is coded or use the software from Pi-lock for the time being.

  • That system works for 1-10 cards and doesn’t connect to a database. Making the door go click is the easy part. Making it connect to the database is time consuming. I’ve given @pierre some database information to upload to the server and he has some tweeking to do to the interface on the website. We’ll see where we are at then.

  • @colin is on vacation until next Monday and @toxuin is havig the time of his life in Russia right now. Can we survive another 10 days or so until they are back and we can organize a meeting and see where everybody is at?

    Last I spoke with @colin he just needed to upload a program onto controller and test it. The idea is we will integrate RFID system with the forum. So each user will have a RFID field. That way we can later also make a display showing who is in the building and when they arrived.

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    @arasbm We can wait but we have been waiting and depending on this system to be built for the last while now.
    I’m not In a hurry but this will definitely help the makerspace grow.

  • @ColeVanD I agree with you that it is important. The best way to speed this up and get the result we want is to support the people who already put some work into this. Lets get together when @colin and @toxuin are back. @colin has already implemented a really cool RFID system at work and I know @toxuin is very familiar with this project as well. I promise I will help as well to wrap this project up when they are back. The problem is not technical, we just need to put the time into finishing the project.

  • @ColeVanD Iknow @toxuin has been using a RFID system to test his work so he could throw one up quick… he would still have to work with @colin. @Vaughn I think we have key fobs. I’m not sure how many we have. I didn’t take inventory of key fobs. I am sure if we really needed more key fobs that one of the local stores might help us out.

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    Thanks to everyone who has worked on this - we’ll get it done with another push!

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    I’m back. Let’s meet?..

  • @toxuin lets try to catch up this Wednesday, maybe we can have a short meeting on Wednesday around 7pm to go over what is needed.

    I suggest we plan to meet at space on Monday June 26 around 7pm and install the system, if that works for you.

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    That works! Can’t wait!

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    Wednesday at 7 sounds like a plan. Can we have @toxuin, @arasbm, @colin, and @pierre in attendance for that for the techie details? Also @Grant-Fraser, @Bradley-Maker and myself might want to attend/observe as we will be using the membership system the most.

    Out of respect for everyones time, I would like to hold this meeting in an organized fashion. I’m thinking somewhere that is slightly away from the hack night madness might be prudent as well to avoid distraction.

    I also just want to throw out huge props to the people I have tagged here (any anyone I missed) that have worked on different parts of the security system and/or membership system. I know that there is a massive amount of work that has gone into this so far. It may seem like a thankless task at the moment, but I think I speak for the membership when I say that there is a huge amount of gratitude for this work, and it will make a massive impact on the space when it all comes to fruition.

  • @kile sorry I did not mean to call for a full on meeting this Wednesday. I have plans to work on the robot arms again this Wednesday plus @colin is still on vacation. That is why I proposed implementation day for next Monday.

    I dont think meeting is necessary, we can just dive straight into building. I want to first focus on the RFID system and get it done. Based on my conversation with @colin and @toxuin I would estimate It should take us between 4 to 8 hours to lunch a fully working minimal RFID system. Once we have that core feature in, you guys can chime in with your ideas for the membership system, just like to space open button. Sounds good?

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    @arasbm, I am extremely apprehensive to install anything before we have a complete picture of the overall system.

    My understanding is when deployed the RFID system would be fully functional in terms of allowing key holders access (and the ability to open/close the space) using their RFID, and drop-ins would be able to use their RFID only when the space is “open”. I think that this is the minimum functionality we need at launch.

    To support this functionality we would also need the membership management system fully launched.

    I am not sure what you meant by “fully working minimal RFID system” but that is my take on it. Really, I would not support changing building access or handing out RFIDs to any members (except to the developers for testing purposes) with anything short of this.

    There have been many dates suggested for when this could be done, all of which have come and gone. There have been a lot of conversations about what could be done, but virtually no concrete plans that have been stuck to. A working session sounds great, but we need to have some to-the-point conversations about what is being built, and realistic timelines around this.

  • @kile I am not going to stand at the door and hand out keys to members. We will just make the system work, show it to you, @Grant-Fraser @Vaughn and anyone interested in it and you can be the judge. We test the system with the keys we have, but have to order RFID keys online anyways. I just want to focus on building the minimal RFID system because like you said, we have dragged this project too long. This time lets build it doocracy style! :smile:

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    @arasbm, LOL. I’m not thinking that you would, but now I have an image in my head, “who are you? Have you signed up for the forum? Okay here is your key, have fun!”.

    I just want to be clear if we are talking about fully implementing the membership stuff to our forum for access by Monday, or if we are talking about running the door from @toxuin’s test server for now (obviously just for testing).

    There are some big pieces in play here that have an effect on many things besides how we open the door. It is very exciting to see progress being made, I am quite impressed with the membership plugin @toxuin has developed. I am really stoked to see this gaining momentum again, thanks for pushing it along @arasbm!

  • I am sure we have to start somewhere. Piece by piece.

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    I’ll be there on Wednesday anyways and I’d be glad to talk about system if you guys have time. Also, I feel like there are questions that I might be able to answer.

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    What time is the meeting today?..

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    @toxuin I don’t know. I’m here right now though.

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