RFID and Membership system?

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    @arasbm, LOL. I’m not thinking that you would, but now I have an image in my head, “who are you? Have you signed up for the forum? Okay here is your key, have fun!”.

    I just want to be clear if we are talking about fully implementing the membership stuff to our forum for access by Monday, or if we are talking about running the door from @toxuin’s test server for now (obviously just for testing).

    There are some big pieces in play here that have an effect on many things besides how we open the door. It is very exciting to see progress being made, I am quite impressed with the membership plugin @toxuin has developed. I am really stoked to see this gaining momentum again, thanks for pushing it along @arasbm!

  • I am sure we have to start somewhere. Piece by piece.

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    I’ll be there on Wednesday anyways and I’d be glad to talk about system if you guys have time. Also, I feel like there are questions that I might be able to answer.

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    What time is the meeting today?..

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    @toxuin I don’t know. I’m here right now though.

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    Thank you to everyone who has moved this critical issue forward - once we have this system working it will be a huge benefit to the Makerspace and will facilitate more drop in involvement and better management of the collective.

    Do we need to order keyfobs or anything else to get ahead of this?

    Cant wait!!!

    Thanks you @toxuin @colin @arasbm @pierre @Grant-Fraser @kile @Bradley-Maker @MIPS

  • We are not ready to order keyfobs yet. The meeting went well. I am sure in a week or two we will have another meeting . We have a direction, goals and a deadline for the next meeting.

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    @toxuin, just gave me a great rundown. @Ron_Ron will be dealing with hardware and interfacing with @toxuin on the coding for this. @arasbm and @colin will be working on the forum integration piece. These are the two major components go get everything up and working.

    I am hoping we can get @pierre on the hook for a bit of code review, it is always great to get more eyes on something (would that I could).

    It is awesome to see this stuff moving forward, thanks for your contributions everyone!

  • We have made progress. Yay!
    We now have an RFID reader, Orange PI, power supplies, and 2 fobs.
    We need to combine this things into an enclosure. @MIPS says he can do that Saturday.
    We need to run power and Ethernet to the door. Anybody want to bring in some Ethernet cable?
    We need to order more fobs. What was that frequency again?

    Great work everybody.

  • When I come in Saturday to start assembling the box I can bring along my spool of regular Category 5 cable. It’s pretty much useless for me because it is not gigabit rated but it is fine for low bandwidth stuff.

  • Nobody was around this morning so I had to break into the space… >_>
    The enclosure for the system is assembled and painted with the board and a terminal strip bolted inside the box and a wall bracket attached underneath. It’s on my shelf.
    I also spliced about six feet of cable to the door lock because lmao, those wires were way too short to do anything sane with them. The pinout is written on a piece of painters tape stuck to the back of the the above mentioned enclosure.
    I have also run a new length of network cable from the back door to the network switch in the hack room. I did not run cabling for power but I think Grant will be doing that.

  • I’ll be in Sunday. Also we will have to review our security.

  • @MIPS & @Grant-Fraser. I am glad I could help you guys out yesterday and today. It is nice to have this project slowly on the move. Piece by piece.

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