3D printing workshop? anyone interested?

  • I might be mistaken but I believe this starts at 6. Allowing time for people to get off work, perhaps grab a quick dinner and arrive for the workshop in time.

    Normally cash is preferred for paying for workshops I believe.

  • Roger that. Will be there at 6.

  • Director

    I fixed the facebook so they both say 6!

  • Director

    As well, those of you who attend tonight, please take a moment to fill out our Workshop survey so we can continue to provide engaging and informative content!

  • Member

    Sorry i couldn’t make it, the transmission on my car died on me.

  • Awesome job tonight @ColeVanD!

  • 3D

    Thanks everyone for coming :)

  • 3D

    Thank you @ColeVanD another Maker sharing generously knowledge and skills. Another “Wow” for Kamloops Makerspace.

  • Thanks again Cole! Greatly appreciated. ~Jeremy

  • The work shop was great thanks!
    I’ll come by shortly at noon to grab my part, looks like the space is open?

  • is there a chance you will host another 3d printing workshop?

  • We’ve just applied the Multi Material Upgrade. We will need to do another 101 as soon as we know how it works.

  • I got a use able calibration cube in single color. Tried to do a two color print but no dice… I could not make it send the change color gcode string even though I defined my extruders… I’ll mess with it some more…

  • awsume glad to hear! will definatly be there when the time comes!

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