Is Anyone fluent with Fusion 360?

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    I’ve been looking to pick up a Cad based program for making 3D models for 3D printing, Is anyone thinking of doing a workshop or sitting down with me and giving me lessons?
    Thanks in advance (:

  • I’ve used OnShape lots, and can help you out with that.

    I’m just learning Fusion 360 myself. The only real advantage I see to Fusion 360 over OnShape, is that F360 has CAM support for 3D milling.

    For 3D printing, I think either program should work fine (and OnShape works under linux).

  • Interesting.

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    @dhylands Would you think of doing a workshop? There are quite a few that are interested.

  • I’d definitely be interested in doing another workshop on OnShape. I did one before (a couple years ago IIRC - back when we met in the generator room at TRU).

    If its on a Thursday, July 13th is the first Thursday night I’m available.

  • @dhylands I really enjoyed your last onshape workshop. I would definitely attend another one.

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