Lan Party?

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    Whats going to be happening with the LAN party?

  • Do you have any ides?

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    None… once a month?

  • Its a hit or miss for me due to work. Sometimes we off set it by a day. It doesn’t have to be a LAN party, A console party or games party would be good also.

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    @Ron_Ron I would be game (pun intended) for a console party

  • List some ideas you guys have… xbox original, 360, one. nes. snes, 64, playstation? gameboy. lolz

  • So we have been chatting about this the last couple LAN Party Saturday’s. Why don’t we trim this up to once every 3 months or so?

    I think the reason there are often only a couple of us there is that it’s a pretty decent commitment to get everyone to tear their systems down and bring them in once a month. If we can plan it for once every few months it will be a bit easier for people to plan for and we can potentially have bigger parties a few times a year. I would say 6-10 people 3 times a year is better than 2-3 people 12 times a year.

    I have modified the calendar to show every 3 months for now so that people that see it on the calendar aren’t showing up expecting a bunch of us to be there when there is no one, but if everyone agrees, can we go with this sort of timeline?

  • Any interests in console parties? Split screen two or four players. Or two consoles going head to head. This might be a bit easier to share the experience seeing people can just jump in and play.

  • @Ron_Ron I am not crazy about consoles because I don’t own any and I like my own screen, but that’s just me personally. I would be willing to jump on as a second player if that’s what other people are playing though.

  • Just an idea to mix up the fun. Old consoles to newer ones.

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    @n0pe Me and @Ron_Ron were playing some pretty fun split screen games on the Xbox emulator.

  • @Fireball and I have an extra TV, a WiiU, XBox360, XbxOne, and a PS3 and would totally be down for a console party. We have done 16 people Halo tournaments before and we have few other friends who would love to come down for that! It is a lot less to organize than a LAN party. As well, we have the JackBox party pack which is a lot of fun and only requires everybody to have a phone/tablet to join in! I also have a bunch of board games up in the Craftorium (Catan, Carcassone, Munchkin, etc) and would love to have a general games night once every couple of months too.

  • Cool! :)

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