New and Improved Maker Monday

  • As some people already know I have taken over Maker Mondays.

    Maker Monday is the night each week that we ask for members to come in and help us clean. This improves the usability of the Space for everyone, helps us deal with clutter of unneeded donations and this impresses potential new members.

    I am changing how Maker Monday is run a little. Previously it was run 6-8 and volunteers where required to do 2 hours of work for the Space to buy them dinner. However there was a problem keeping track of the time people actually worked. Unfortunately the honour system was taken advantage of by some. And in all honestly the Space can’t afford to buy meals for volunteers right now.

    So what I have come up with is a sign up system. Each Monday I will have a sign up sheet.
    I would like volunteers to do one hour of work. This can be anything from sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. To working on fixing equipment around the Space.
    I will be checking on items that have been put down as items completed.

    Each week I will be trying to post a list of things I have noticed around the building that are in need of being done. Please feel free to let me know of things you have seen because I don’t use all the shops Spaces and may not see everything. Also if you see something else you would like to do during Maker Monday feel free.

    As for food a meal will still be provided. These meals are going to be homemade, often cooked at the Space.
    I want peoples opinions on how the meals will work though.
    We will either have one or two people that prepare meals on a regular basis and donations are made to those people to help with the cost of the food. (Feeding 10-20 people isn’t cheap after all.) So far @Chainmaildave, @megan-fenkhuber Jason, Cat and myself have provided all the food and done all the cooking. This is what we have been doing to this point.
    And the other option is that we could do a sort of potluck. (A stick of butter is not an acceptable potluck donation.)

  • Maker Monday the 19th
    Items that need to be done:
    Hack room, Electronics room, Hallway (including front entry) and Stairs - These areas all need to be swept, have the corners vacuumed and be mopped.
    Hack room table - Needs to be cleaned off and washed.
    Lounge - Tables need ot be cleaned off and washed down.
    Metal Shop - General clean up, floor sweeping. As well as some general laser maintenance.
    Third floor - Floor Sweeping, quick vacuum in the corners and such.
    Wood Shop - General clean up. Sweep as well as vacuum saw dust from around the more used machines. Perhaps the filter system.

    Things that do NOT need to be done: The Lounge, Kitchen and Mudroom floors where washed Friday. @ColeVanD cleaned them on Friday and they are still looking great. Thanks Cole.

    Meal for the Monday:
    Carolina Style Pulled Pork. This is a Tomato Free Pulled Pork. It is supposed to have Onions. So @colin, if you are planning to attend please let me know before morning so I don’t add the onions to the food.

  • Design Lab

    Maker Monday LIVES!!! Thank you, @KillwithKindness - well said, and good job taking Maker Monday to its next level.

    Ill chip in tonight with some boom boom $ for din din…and will be chipping away at getting the second floor finished.

    Thank you.

  • I want to thank everyone that attended Maker Monday tonight, we had nearly 20 people.

    Thanks to: @Vaughn, @megan-fenkhuber, @Krankin, @ColeVanD, Nikita, Jahal, Janet, Hayley, @amanda_e, Dustin, @Bradley-Maker, @Chainmaildave, @ornatesapphire, @Grant-Fraser, @Fireball

    We got so many awesome things done. From cleaning the floors, Hack room, Lounge Design Lab and halls. To more sales items for Canada Day. And lots of work on the Kiln Room/Clay Space.

    Hopefully we can keep this roll going for Maker Mondays in the future.

    Next week we are thinking of doing a stir fry. The main meal will be vegetarian stir fry. There will be meat prepared on the side for anyone who desires it.

    This week we did run a little short on food so closer to next Monday I am going to try and get a kind of tally on how many people will attend so that we can have enough food.

    Again thank you everyone.

  • @KillwithKindness and I are planning a trip to Costco tomorrow to buy some much needed supplies. So far that list includes:

    • Toilet Paper/Paper Towel
    • Shop Cloth
    • Kitchen Cloths
    • Rags for other shops
    • Hand soap
    • Dish Soap
    • Laundry Soap (for washing dishcloths, rags, etc)
    • Coffee

    Any other items you can think of pleas let us know

    Also, as we all know, these things cost money and in all honesty most members make use of our bathrooms and our kitchen (from just having a cup of coffee to preparing a full meal). Anyone who can donate a dollar or two for this supply trip would be greatly appreciated. Please put it in the “food donation” jar in the Kitchen. THANKS!

  • I sent an e-transfer of $50 to the membership email.

  • Director

    @dhylands Thank-you very much! I spent $110 on supplies and @KillwithKindness spent $45 on supplies for burgers for next maker Monday. If anyone is able to supply approx 25 hamburger buns and other fixings such as an onion or lettuce that would be appreciated!

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