New and Improved Maker Monday

  • 3D

    I’ll be there. Kami Pizza sounds yummy. If I bring a Ceasar salad, will anybody help me eat it? I’m open to other salad requests ;)

  • Awesome, thank you Beth. Kami it likely is then.

    And I love Caesar salad, so does Pierre and I am pretty sure Megan likes it as well.

    As for Pizza are there any preferences? I will be ordering 2 at least, more if there are enough people. One will be a white sauce one due to Pierre’s tomato allergy but the second can be a tomato sauce one. Just need to know what people would like.

    Here is the menu if anyone is interested it checking it out. I know they have some sort of family dealio but it is only listed on the physical menu’s so I don’t recall what it is. I will see about stopping on the way to the space to get the info.

  • Maker Monday is tomorrow!

    I have spent a portion of the day making Shepard’s Pie from scratch! So hopefully we get a few people in tomorrow.

    Our main objectives will be:
    Weeding the sidewalk and possibly some weeding around back. This is priority before we get another letter from By-Laws.
    Tidy the mudroom
    Sweep and wash floors that need it.
    Maybe w can get someone that knows the electronics room to help in there. I know Ron had it looking great at one point.

    Cole and I didn’t the dishes today so HOPEFULLY there will not be a giant pile again tomorrow.

  • 3D

    @KillwithKindness I am very unhappy say I’m out of town :(

  • Design Lab

    @ashley thank you for your work keeping Maker Monday going through this wierd summer!

    I look forward to jumping back into it in September once my work season cools down.

    Thank you.

  • Design Lab

    Clay Space Orientation at 7 pm

    Also, could I add the following to the task list, please? If anyone needs a task (and @KillwithKindness doesn’t need them), please help yourself to one of these:

    • Remove all masking tape from around windows and door frame in Classroom
    • Clean interior windows in classroom (I am hoping to arrange the cleaning of the outside by pros). Razor scrape of these would be nice
      *sweep stairs (or vacuum) from 3rd floor landing down
      *distribute 10 of the right size garbage bags to each of the garbage cans upstairs (throw them in bottom of can under the bag thats open)

  • Classroom

    Thanks for the work tonight people, I know the Clayspace orientation was a bit outside the norm, but I really see doing the orientation on the Monday and hitting some core members will be good for the space. It looked like a few core members planned on doing enough in the space to talk about the process with the people that tour the building, which is great because who knows how much farther it will go? @amanda_e thanks for this
    @KillwithKindness, thanks for cooking and coordinating the event. Sorry I didn’t do much in the way of cleaning up, but I have been pouring tons of time in to this grant lately (before and after I left the space today). I are done with computer for now, but this is only monday lol. By next monday I will be ready to volunteer for the most menial labour possible, and love it.

  • Design Lab

    As it turns out, Maker Monday may work well for 20 min orientations in the different shops. While we dont want to ‘dilute’ our Maker Monday firepower in terms of cleaning and working on the Space, it is an ideal opportunity for core members who show up to continue learning about the Space and capabilities and therefore be better armed to share and manage it!
    Thanks to everyone making it happen.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, this totally makes sense to me. I would like to see some prep done ahead of time (which the Clayspace folks did), and possibly even a dry run to make sure the orientation can fit in 20-30 min. It is a tight timeline, but since the orientations should ideally include everyone available, we should be very conscious of the time it takes to run through them. As you mention, we don’t want to negatively impact the overall Maker Monday activities.

  • Just a reminder tgt tomorrow is Maker Monday.

    I have come into the Space today and done a little leaning. As well as prepared the meal for tomorrow night. We are having Beef Stroganoff.


    A few tasked for this week that Vaughan had requested last week and we just didn’t get done with the Clay Space orientation going on at the same time.

    *Clean interior windows in classroom (I am hoping to arrange the cleaning of the outside by pros). Razor scrape of these would be nice
    *Distribute 10 of the right size garbage bags to each of the garbage cans upstairs (throw them in bottom of can under the bag thats open)

    *Both bathrooms need to be cleaned. I will do the ladies , we need one of the guys to do the men.
    *Normal sweeping and mopping where it is needed.

    The major thing for this week is seeing if we can get the Hackroom tidied up. If someone is willing to take some of the stuff that was being cleaned out away that would be great. I heard it could go to the dump but they only take recyceling until 3 or 3:30. There is a place ob the reserve as well? A General grants type location. I am not sure on details for that location though.

  • Design Lab

    We can roll the full bins of hackspace stuff into my truck Monday night and I will take to wherever they are supposed to go on Tuesday? I could use a hand with the dump run Tuesday.
    I love beef stoganoff.
    Thanks, @KillwithKindness

    By the way, I have asked the landlords if they can help get the exterior windows cleaned before Sept 29th. They sounded receptive to that, especially in light of how tidy the building is now (except for the ongoing litter left by the Mission’s clients - what to do?)

  • Director

    @Vaughn I can help go to the dump on Wednesday but that is a long time to leave it in the box.

  • @Vaughn we could put out garbage cans with lids. It will start to get wet soon and the open top tote we have for garbage now will fill with rain and snow

  • Design Lab

    Thanks all - I need to get it done Tuesday as weds is booked solid.

    I think we.need a box with lid outside space for about 6 garbage bags storage. I was eyeballing the rolling box in the woodshop for that, but it’s too useful where it is.

  • Design Lab

    Insight Support personnel are booked for an orientation this Monday at 7pm-7:30pm in the woodshop (led, hopefully, by @Bradley-Maker ) and laser (I can do this, or anyone else who would like to @pierre? ), can we also get a quick overview of 3D printing for them (@ColeVanD , please could you help there?)

    I thought we could all join in and make it a compact re-orientation lasting 30 lean minutes? Hope Im not presuming here and dont want to confuse Maker Monday, but it looks like these 20-30 min orientations on Monday night can work out well.

    Insights partnership with Makerspace is a valuable one and a model for other partnerships. Getting their staff trained and comfortable in the Space is important, as is our own ongoing learning in the evolving Spaces.

    Please let me know any feedback, etc, or to confirm it?

  • @Vaughn: This doesn’t confuse or interfere with Maker Monday at all because this is the week Maker Monday is moved to Throw out Thursday.

    I just finished making a post for it.

    I will be in Monday to mop the floors and do some cleaning myself. Anyone else wanting to help is more then welcome but I won’t be doing dinner Monday night.

  • @Vaughn I can man the laser.

  • So I know that this weekend is Thanksgiving long weekend. Many people are busy with family and trips out of town.

    For this upcoming Monday I am going to cancel Maker Monday.

    HOWEVER if you are still wanting to help out for the Space this week and you can spare a few hours on Saturday (early afternoon) a few of us will be at the Space dealing with the heat and the windows.

    I am going to go up and get plastic for the windows in the morning as well as tape.

    If anyone can’t make it but does still want to help you could chip in a few dollars towards said plastic and tape. I am not sure yet what it is going to cost but given the number of windows and size probably a fair price. I will post that later.

    @Grant-Fraser and @pierre will be working on getting the heat going.

    @Bradley-Maker is also going to try and make it in. @megan-fenkhuber should be there until she has to leave for work and of course myself.

    Any help would be appreciated so we can have the Space warm for our members ASAP as well as of course keep the pipes from freezing.

  • 3D

    @KillwithKindness I’m busy with a turkey on Saturday (my brother will be in town) but if you leave or post a list of to-dos I should be able to get in on Monday. Dishes and toilets are fair game ;)
    See you Sunday at Duffy’s.

  • @Beth : Thank you Beth. I will probably be in Monday as well so we can figure out what needs doing together.

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