New and Improved Maker Monday

  • @kile said:

    They come to the info box. If they look important I forward them. Otherwise they just get filed in a folder called “forum replies”.

    Ahh, ok. Good to know. Thank you @kile

  • @KillwithKindness said:

    For @Bradley-Maker: Update on the windows/building repair.

    Shop coordinator meeting for Monday October 16th, 7pm.
    @Ron_Ron, @Chainmaildave, @pierre, @Bradley-Maker, @kile, @Vaughn, @amanda_e / @Janet and @megan-fenkhuber

    Agenda for the Monday meeting from @Bradley-Maker

    1. Winterizing
    • I want to have a list of what needs doing fall and spring in each space as the seasons change
    • Each coordinator should check over there space to make sure it’s buttoned up and make a list of anything yet to be done. It would be great if that can get done before the meeting and i’ll compile a list.
    1. Usage guidelines for each space.
    • We want to have a manual for each space to guide members.
    • Storage guidelines for tools, materials, and member storage.
    • Waste guidelines.
    • Consumables in the space and how are they accounted for.
    • Regular maintenance items.
    • I’ll have a template ready in some digital form, I’m still fleshing it out on paper presently.
    1. Needs and wants lists.
    2. Signage needs.
    • Safety notices at tools.
    • Storage guidance.
    • These should be the important points from the usage guidelines posted around each room so users know how to use the space safely and efficiently.
    • Again, I will have a Google form that can be filled out for each sign.

  • Reminder that tonight is Maker Monday.

    Planned dinner, totchos. I made these some time ago at the Space and they where pretty popular so come and do an hour cleaning to help the Space and enjoy a meal.

    @amanda_e: I am making a small veggie only batch for you, assuming you are attending the coordinator meeting.

  • Design Lab

    thanks @KillwithKindness - turns out i can make it tonight after all!

  • I want to thank everyone that made it in last night. I know we didn’t do many Maker Monday cleaning type tasks but the Coordinator meeting was important for the improvement of the Space and that benefits everyone.

    I want to thank @Beth and her son, @ornatesapphire, @Grant-Fraser, Nikita, @Krankin and @Vaughn as well as anyone I missed for the cleaning you were able to do.

    @amanda_e: If you are in the Space some time soon the meal I had prepared for you is in the fridge and labeled for you.

  • Maker Monday again.

    I know the Haunted House is coming up soon here so I figure some people will be working on props for that.

    For those who are coming in to clean we need floors swept and washed. Bathrooms and kitchen need to be cleaned up. Lounge tables. Wood shop probably needs some work as well. And garbage’s need to be done.

    Tonight’s dinner is Pea Soup.

  • Member

    @KillwithKindness I won’t be at Maker Monday tonight, just letting you know so you don’t make an extra meal.

  • @KillwithKindness forgot her laptop this morning… So I’ll make this post. Maker Monday this week is at the Courthouse, cleaning up the Haunted House stuff. Dinner will be Pizza because we don’t have time to make something. IF there’s time, we will also clean up the mess at the space from the haunted house prep… But if not, we’ll have to take care of it over the coming few days.

  • I want to thank everyone that came in for Maker Monday last night.

    We focused on the lounge and cleaning up the left overs from the haunted house. Also kitchen clean up as well.

    I won’t be in next Monday for clean up. If anyone can cover Maker Monday for me that would be great. I did talk to @Krankin but I post here just in case he can’t make it due to his work commute.

  • Design Lab

    Thank you @kill and all who helped out Monday night. I am.out of town on work so couldn’t make it, but I will lead the charge next Monday night.

    I look forward to getting back into the space but right now I’m in serious catch up mode after dealing with family.matters.

    Thank you for everyone’s work - Halloween was a lot! Good job.

  • @Vaughn: Thank you for taking charge.

    The only thing I currently know about that would be great to get done for next Monday (Or sooner if anyone is willing and able to take it on.) is that the main entry mudroom door really needs to be worked on. That gap at the bottom is killing our heat. And Grant has asked that the curtain not be up in that doorway between the mudroom and the kitchen because of the plumbing in the mudroom. I wanted to get it done this Monday but we just didn’t have the man power. I believe the supplies are in the mudroom by the door.

    I also heard that @kile had wanted to perhaps just buy an all new door for that room. I don’t want to step on any toes if that plan is going through. As long as the door can be dealt with pretty soon here.

  • I believe all that door needs is a sweep. Not sure about what there is for striping in the rest of it. @Grant-Fraser I believe we had a short discussion about putting a baseboard heater in that room to keep it above zero. The curtain is also a safety hazard. I have been caught in it numerous times with full hands or tripped over something or someone going through. If we need to keep that area separate we should be putting a door that has a window there. Puting an insulated box over the swamp cooler may not be a bad idea.

  • @Nicholas: There was something about the bottom of the door being rotted out so that was the reasoning for the idea of replacing it. Don’t quote me in that because it is second hand information.

    I think @Bradley-Maker had said he would make the new box for the swamp cooler. Not sure on the progress of that.
    Pierre bought all the supplies for a two way kitchen door for the mudroom/kitchen. Cory donated some acrylic for a window in it. @Bradley-Maker was working on installing said door. Not sure where this is at.

  • Director

    @Nicholas we have purchased a door for between the kitchen and the mudroom and double swinging hinges. They are in the wood shop. @Bradley-Maker was working on it, but was unable to finish. It needs to be cut down to size and an opening cut for an acrylic window. @Bradley-Maker says: "Anybody can feel free to attack that, but its tricky. Cut the side off. Remove the fibre board from the wooden core offcut. Route out the stiffener in the middle of the door. Glue the off cut core back in between the panels. Cut a hole for the window. Build a window frame. Install the acrylic in the frame. Install the window. Attach hinges and mount the door. "

    Cory Doyle was going to source us a 6mm sheet of acrylic for the door.

  • Thanks, @megan-fenkhuber I will try to get in on Monday to take a look at the front door. I have a lot of experience with doors and will take a look at the kitchen door.

  • Director

    @Nicholas the bottom edge of the outside door is quite rotten and @Grant-Fraser had approved purchase of a cheap door from Windsor ply or Home Hardware from their “unsuitable” door selection. Windsor Ply had outside doors for like $30 just outside the front entrance a couple of weeks ago. We would prefer one with a safety window like we have, or we can move the window out of the older into the new one.

    @KillwithKindness, @pierre, and myself will be out of town until late Monday, but we can help out when we get back.

  • Thank you very much @Nicholas. I know you are very busy so any time you can volunteer is greatly appreciated.

  • Classroom

    @megan.fenkhuber, is correct that a sweep would help in the short term, but that that door is nearing the end of its life span.

    From my experience the reject doors at Home Hardware are a better value than those at Windsor, but shopping around is always a good idea. The doors at home hardware are in a tarped up storage spot in the yard near where you go to pick up lumber and sheet goods.

  • To use the old door there is a 2x2 and a sweep that need to be installed. Remove the door, screw sweep and 2x2 in place, install door. I have not sourced a heater for the mudroom yet.

  • Design Lab

    Maker Monday tonight:

    Finish window plastic - build frames
    Stuff insulation in ceiling hole at top of stairs
    Digest stuff on Fab Shop table
    Move book shelf from 1st floor hall to classroom
    Floors, especially main stairs
    Tidy Women’s and Mens washroom - throw out tote full of water beside washing machine?
    Tidy up laser off-cuts by laser

    Meal @ 8pm TBA

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