New and Improved Maker Monday

  • 3D

    @Vaughn Would the bookcase and its content in the lounge be better upstairs

  • Member

    @ColeVanD there was a large shelve donated to the space in the past week. It is currently sitting in the hallway by the stairs, waiting to be moved to the classroom. The bookshelf in the lounge is staying put, as far as i’m aware at least.

  • Design Lab

    @ColeVanD yep thats the plan - combine the two and make room in the lounge for something people actually use. Maybe an easy chair?

  • Classroom

    @ColeVanD, yes! I can’t wait to get the shelves stocked up with awesome books in there, but I want to make sure that it doesn’t become a dumping grounds for unwanted waste paper (bound or unbound).

    Unfortunately I can’t make it in for Maker monday, but will be working on some makerspace stuff, and I hope some of it will be ready for the members meeting tomorrow. Thanks a lot to everyone that can, and does make it on a regular basis.

  • Design Lab

    Good Maker Monday:

    -Cleaned floors Kiln Room to Lounge Door
    -Finished Classroom podium
    -moved whiteboard to classroom
    -Digested donations from Tri-Cities
    -Cleaned and organized wood and acrylic offcuts in Fab Shop
    -Totally stripped and reorganized spray booth
    -Finished electrical upgrade in Mud Room and RFID interface
    -Posted recurring ads for Maker Monday and Hack Night to facebook
    -did dump run
    -raked exterior of building

    Had Senor Frogs (Vaughn shouted for that) and some laughs.

    Thanks to everyone for their efforts - Space looks great due to your work on the ground where it counts!

  • Design Lab

    Makerspace is looking good - some clean-up to do after Art in the Dark and odds and fods, but generally we are in good shape.

    I’ll be pinch-hitting Maker Monday and puttering around tonight. We can wing dinner - anyone who is into making a pot of gruel is welcome or I will figure something out. Gotta eat!

    List of to-do’s:

    • Tidy hackroom

    • Sweep mudroom

    • Build ‘fence’ in Fab Shop hall to contain materials (its been tidied up) @vaughn

    • Clean laser cabinet

    • Move books up to Classroom (book shelf now behind door)

    • Display shelf for @Ron_Ron 's hologram projetor?

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