New Couches for Lounge?

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    I’m spending a bunch of time today cleaning the couches and the results are looking great so far but at the same time, I’m realizing how awfully filthy the couches are.

    I can also hardly breathe due to of smell of the wet couches

    Not saying to drop a lot of money on couches, But keep your eyes out for some half decent clean couches for free of very inexpensive.

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    I spent an hour scrubbing and drying one of the squares on the couch and it’s still dirty. Unless there is a better solution or someone can bring a box of baking soda I can’t thoroughly clean the couch

  • Now that the couch is broken, not suspicious at all after someone just posted that we needed new ones because the old ones are a little dirty, I have looked and found several free ones.

    First order of operation is to arrange a truck and driver that can take the broken one out of the space. Likely to the dump. This is one reason I don’t advocate buying a new couch if we can find one free, we still have to pay to trash a couch that was free to start with and was not in anyway broken a week ago.

    Once we have someone willing to do the work and provide a vehicle I will make arrangements for a replacement.

    Perhaps @arasbm, @Nicholas or @Vaughn might be willing to help with this. Unfortunately these are the only members I can think of who have trucks. So if there is someone else who has a truck and is willing to lend a hand please speak up.

    As for the smaller love seat as far as I can tell it is not damaged in anyway. I will be bringing it a carpet cleaner with a wand to clean it thoroughly. (No not guarantee the day.) There is no need to replace that one.

  • I am willing to take away both couches for free. I am really glad to see these replaced as I have heard many complaints. I have personly seen people turn around and leave upon entering the space because of those couches. Smelly couches seem to be a staple of every makerspace I have ever visited. There is often free couches around however I would not be in a particular rush to replace them.

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    @KillwithKindness I didn’t break them :( Im sorry.

  • @ColeVanD: Sorry, I was kidding. Didn’t mean to upset you. I don’t believe you actually broke it. Stuff happens. And it was used so who knows that has happened to it before it was ours.

    @Nicholas: As stated in my last post. There is no reason at all to removed and replace the love seat. I am going to be coming in tonight and cleaning it. As someone who has slept on those couches while spending all night working on projects those couches aren’t ‘smelly’. Yes they are dirty, and again I will be cleaning it. I have the machine right here and the cleaner. Honestly if I can’t get it clean then we look at removal.

  • I have a big grey comfy, clean couch that I am willy to give you guys and use my truck if I can get someone to move it- sooner rather than later! We need it out of the livingroom so that I can refinish the floors.

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    @Shelaigh What is the length of the couch you have?

  • I have done one cleaning on the love seat. I want to let it dry and do a second later. I might get it tonight depending on how long I am here tonight and how my back is feeling. If not I will be in tomorrow evening to do this. In the mean time there is a sign to say it is wet. Please, please don’t sit on it.

    Lucy’s bed also really needs cleaning.

  • @KillwithKindness thank you for your hard work. @Shelaigh I would be happy to get the couch from you. We just need to get the old one to the dump first. Can’t set the old one down outside or someone will move onto it.

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    I’d like to move that we prohibit dogs (and other animals) on the couches. Unless there are huge and legit objections, this seems like a logical move in conjunction with new(er) couches.

  • @Vaughn I have a secret to confess to. After midnight I turn into a dog. (ask @Ron_Ron if you dont believe me) As long as you allow me on the couch after midnight, I would support this motion :P

  • Replacement couch needs to fit into a 80" (about 2m for @toxuin) gap if we don’t want to re-arrange the room. If it is wider it’d either interfere with the radiator or the water supply lines if we try to stuff it into the same gap.

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    @arasbm and I must confess that after all you have done for the Space, you can sleep anywhere you like, anytime! Just keep that goodness comin’, Dr. B!

  • I personally do not wish to do any policing of dogs or pets on couches or newer couches.

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    My reasons for making this motion are as follows:

    1. Animals obviously make couches dirtier and hairier. The Lounge is a common area and often visited by new potential Members and should be as clean and welcoming as possible.

    2. People have allergies and sensitivities that can be addressed by this simple and common measure.

    3. Animals can be provided with a clean and neat matt for their comfort, which is what is normal - it is the owners responsibility to provide it and keep it in decent shape.

    4. I, and others, have heard complaints about the cleanliness of the Lounge and the dog hair and dirt in general. This measure helps address this in a measured and logical way.

    5. Plenty is done in our Space to accommodate dogs - at least as much can be done to accommodate Members.

    6. What is acceptable to one person may not be to another and I feel we should make the Space welcoming to the most possible members. We all make compromises and adjustments for the different personalities and needs of our Members - this is an example of that.

    I think we should bring this issue to a Members Meeting and talk about it. I am certainly not ‘anti-dog’ - not at all; I love dogs and am glad they are part of the Space - but we need to make guidelines here that meet the needs of the most possible members, not just those with dogs.

    I think we need to hear from dog owning Members on this issue, like @Chainmaildave, @kile @KillwithKindness etc with their input on this - for all I know, they have no problem with adjusting the dog-on-couch policy and the discussion is moot.

    It is the dog owners responsibility to accommodate Members, not the reverse.

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    @Vaughn Agreed, the message I was trying to push is a dog-friendly environment for all dogs.
    Woof Woof

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    Preferably before Canada day!

  • Hey Pierre the couch that I have to donate is 7 feet long and 3 ft deep- it is very comfy, clean and grey (so dirt is not as noticeable!) If you want it we can use my truck to transport- I just need a couple of stong backs to help out. It’s not even that heavy just bulky.

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    @Vaughn, I am on the fence RE dogs on couches. Personally I don’t mind dogs on the furniture, and wouldn’t mind running a shop vac over the couches every once and a while. However, I do understand if others are opposed to having dogs on the couches, and people who bring in their dogs are in the minority. I wouldn’t vote for the policy personally, but I would have no problem abiding by it if the majority decided to go that way.

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