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    Hey everybody.

    Just kicking back with what is now my favorite beer. I’m a picky beer drinker, and don’t drink much. I like a strong dark beer. I found that X-noble-Pig brewer’s Red Collar is being sold in the liquor store in Thompson Park mall (mall has a new name, not sure of what that is). SO I tried it. And it is awesome. And it is brewed about 4.5 blocks from my house.

    I checked out the website, and found that they are having a monthly gathering of homebrewers. Beer Makers. I don’t make beer, I only occasionally drink it. But if you do brew your own beer, or would like to start or try, this might be a great opportunity to share ideas and learn what others are up to. A kind of hack night for beer brewing.

    And even if you have no interest in brewing, check out the Red Collar’s beer, it is tasty. I’m drinking what they call “dubbel” which is a belgian style strong beer.

    Next meeting is March 30th from 6-8pm.


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    @Bradley-Maker In case it helps you or anyone else, it’s Landsdowne Village.
    They have a super awesome sort of secret parkade there that I park in regularly when I’m downtown. And the sushi place next to the liquor store is decent too :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Second that, the home brew club that Dave (Red Collar) has started is great. This will be the third meeting. He has a fantastic depth of knowledge to share and it’s fun even if you’re a casual homebrewer. Great thing to support.

    On that note, I’m really not very handy but I do know a bit about brewing. I’m hoping to improve my setup-is this something anyone would be interested in working on?

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