OnShape 3D CAD Workshop

  • There seems to be some interest in doing another OnShape workshop, so I’m going to propose holding one on Thursday July 13th.

    OnShape is a parametric 3D Solid CAD modeller, and can be used to create models for 3D printing, CNC Milling, etc.

    OnShape doesn’t require any installation. It runs in any WebGL enabled browser, and I’ve used it under WIndows, Linux, and Mac OSX. There are even tablet versions for android and iOS.


    Bring your laptop with a WebGL enabled browser (Firefox or Chrome), and preferably a 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel.

    You’ll want to setup an OnShape account ahead of time (free). OnShape has free accounts and paid accounts ($125/month). With the free accounts, all of your documents need to be public. It looks like they may have removed the space limitations (I’m not seeing and references to it any more. I have about 60 designs in my account currently.

    If you want to learn ahead of time, OnShape has some really excellent online videos. I’d recommend starting with these:

    I think I’ll go through designing the knob in the picture below.0_1498152282036_Dryer-Knob.jpg
    0_1498152681774_Screenshot from 2017-06-22 10-30-54.png

    What needs to be done to get this into the calendar?

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    Sounds great, sign me up!

    @megan-fenkhuber is the events coordinator, she will be able to add it to the Makerspace google calendar (I just checked and I can’t). What time would you like to start at?

    One of the Facebook admins can make a post there with the info you have laid out. The only other thing I can think of is cost. In the past most of this type of workshop has been free for members and $40 for non-members. I have been making a push to have a nominal price put on all workshops (e.g. $5). I think even a small fee like this is important to recognize that the instructors time has value (even if it is much higher than what is being paid out). If you don’t want to collect the fees personally, perhaps a suggested donation to the space would be appropriate.

    Thanks @dhylands, I am looking forward to this one.

  • What’s the normal time we do these? 5 or 6 pm?

    I don’t mind charging $5 and donating it back to the space (or doing the by-donation thing).

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    @dhylands, 6-7 has been typical lately (aiming for after dinner). Maybe 6 or 6:30 would work considering your commute? There should be a decent amount of daylight in mid July I think.

  • https://goo.gl/forms/4QkWNZN8HQvzxQbr2

    This is the application for workshops so that all the correct and important information is gathered in one place and events can be entered on the calendar and Facebook.

  • Also, sign me up!

  • If you’re using onshape already, you might want to check out simscale.com free signup etc… it’ll import several types of 3d models (including onshape) and lets you do finite element analysis.

    I tried pulling in an stl I had, but unfortunately it’ll import it and work with it, but it won’t auto-mesh that file format. I might have to figure out how to convert to something that it’ll auto-mesh, because I’d love to have those heat-maps that show you “on this part, this one corner will break at half the stress of any other place” so I know where to beef things up.

    I’ve used BRLCad in the past to do things like this, but that usually entails making a whole other model for the analysis, and has a brutally steep learning curve. The ballistic research lab put a lot of effort into making it do good dynamic stress analysis (will this type of sabot round breach this type of tank armor?) but it is overkill for almost anything I need.

  • @pierre that is totally awesome. A free CAD software with simulation capabilities. I will definitely have to try it.

  • What time does the workshop start at again? I’ll planning to be there hopefully.

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    Thanks for the awesome workshop @dhylands! I am really impressed by the capabilities of this software, and the careful thought that they have put into the UI and workflow.

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