Summer Workshop Series!

  • There has been some awesome workshop proposals coming in for the summer already from @ColeVanD and @dhylands but we would love to see the summer months booked up so we can draw people into the space. We have seven planned from the Craftorium and would love to see some from the Woodshop and Metal shops as well. Anyone wanting to book a workshop, please fill out the form so I can book them into the calendar and post them on Facebook ASAP! Let’s go team!

  • Director

    Workshops being planned by the Craftorium (dates TBA)


    • Cosplay 101 - Cosplay on a Budget (July 6th)
    • Sewing 102 - Introduction to Machine Sewing
    • Introduction to Polymer Clay - “Stuffed Animal Photo Weight”
    • Needlework 101 - Basic Cross-stitch
    • Crochet 101 - Basic Stitches (July 11th)
    • Jewellery 101 - Up-cycling Broken Pieces and Thrift Finds (July 8th)

    Kids w/Adults

    • Fun with Perler Beads
    • Introduction to Polymer Clay - “Emoji Octopus”
    • Sewing 101 - Introduction to Hand Sewing
    • Cosplay 101 - Cosplay on a Budget (July 6th)
    • Dreamcatchers for Kids (July 8th)

    There has been interest in running quilting workshops as well, but that is not an area that I have very much knowledge in. We are seeking individuals who would be interested in hosting such a workshop.

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