Kids Summer Camp

  • I am interested in planning and hosting a Kids Summer Camp in the Makerspace most likely August 21-25. The idea would be that parents would drop their kids off at 9 and we would keep them until 3. Lunch would be provided as part of the program. @KillwithKindness and I have been discussing how best to run this kind of camp. We want to limit it to 10 kids between 9-13. In order to provide adequate supervision, we would need minimum 2 supervisors, but would like to give parents the option to sign up as helpers as well. We are also looking for volunteers to teach maybe 2 hours each day, for example @ColeVanD could tech 3D Printer basics, or @Bradley-Maker could do something in the woodshop.

    I also would like the membership’s input on this. Currently our rules state that no one under 18 is allowed in the building with out their parent/guardian present. We plan to have liability waivers, consent forms, and health forms filled in by the parents as well as providing the parents with a detailed list of exactly what the attendees would be doing throughout the week.

    Any questions, comments, concerns, etc are greatly appreciated. As well as anyone wanting to help out one or two days would be provided with meals and hopefully a good time!

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