Stackable shelves

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    So i have designed and made a set of interlocking stackable shelves. Each one has a 1’x1’ footprint, is surprisingly sturdy as I could sit on them without them showing any signs of breaking.
    They interlock snugly and i have clips that can be used to clip them together side by side, something that will be useful when you have larger clusters of these like i’m hoping to build up.
    1_1498533990633_IMG_2200.JPG 0_1498533990632_IMG_2199.JPG

  • These look awesome. May I cut a few to test out at Insight? We need cubbys for the kids stuff :-)

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    @InsightJeremy sure. they take pretty much a full 30"x60"x1/4" sheet broken down into a 48"x30" piece and 12"x30" piece as to fit in the cutter (and my car), and require very precise alignment on the bed, there is only maybe 5mm clearances between the cut and the edge of the board so make sure you set the origin to the very top right corner of the board, I design all my cutting plans with a box the size of the sheet around the parts to be cut, so keep this in mind when you set the origin, this should be on a output=off layer.
    I believe these were my settings for cutting but play around with them if you want, particularly the scan, i’m not sure exactly on what I had it set as.
    The 4 small pieces that are cut inside the triangular offcuts in the left wall are clips so you can attach them together when side by side creating more rigidity and sturdiness in large multi-unit setups.
    If you want to put on your own logo in addition to my own, please feel free to do so, but please leave the logo that is currently on it.

    Green (board outline): mode=cut, power=0, speed=100, output=no
    Red (through cut): mode=cut, power=55, speed=12, output=yes
    Blue (etch line): Mode= cut, power=25, Speed=300, output=yes
    Yellow (logo scan) Mode=scan, power=20 Speed=200, output=yes

    0_1498625615498_stacking shelves.dxf

  • @Krankin Awesome, thanks! Will let you know how they turn out.

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