Nicholas Adams for City Council!!!

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    One of Kamloops Makerspace Founders and an amazing volunteer in our community, Nicholas Adams, is running in the by-election for a seat on City Council!

    Nicholas wanted to do something different for his announcement tomorrow at 11 am, and has elected to do it at Makerspace, showcasing community partnerships and the revitalization of a heritage building.

    I am helping @Nicholas in this endeavor by making graphics and signs and doing whatever I can to see this worthy gentleman succeed in his first foray into politics - I hope you will, too, by sharing his posts and getting out and voting for him. I don’t need to emphasize how helpful it would be to have ‘one of our own’ on City Council!

  • That guy’s an asshole. So obviously he has my vote. More importantly, he’s OUR asshole. So he gets any support I can give him. Including, but not limited to, not supplying campaign slogans. :)

    I still think we should have had the gallows set up for his speech though. Hanging @Nicholas will always be one of the unforgettable makerspace moments. The podium he used for his speech was pretty killer though. SSP form ply, and the Federal Building plaque screwed to the front of it… All it needed was a crazy laser-cut swoopy top with living hinge to reduce glare and it’d be perfect.

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