New category: Workshop

  • I have created a new category of topics for the forum called Workshops as per @megan-fenkhuber instructions. You can find this, like any other category by clicking on the list of categories in the navigation bar.

    I would recommend that for each workshop, we try and keep a general description and evolve that over time. We should keep that separate from an instance of workshop. For example, we could have one post describing what laser 101 workshop encompasses and then for each instance of laser 101 we could make another post.

    If you need anything else done to the forum to help better organize things feel free to let me know. I can also add a link to the workshop category to the navigation bar on top if people feel it is necessary. I left it out for now to prevent clutter.

    Note on Permissions

    All key holder and dropin members can edit all posts in this categoty. I set the permission in that way so people can easily collaborate on improving workshop descriptions

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