July 25th members meeting

  • 3D

    All Items for this month will be posted here.

  • Laser status. I’ll have some sort of update for the meeting one way or another.

  • There is a workshop in the lounge tomorrow (Tuesday the 11th). It was scheduled two or three weeks ago, before the suggestion of setting the meetings to the second Tuesday of each month. @megan-fenkhuber is running it and she already had to miss the last members meeting due to work.

  • Director

    I could move the workshop up to the craftorium, but like @KillwithKindness said, I had to miss the last members meeting due to work. And next Tuesday is @ColeVanD’s 3D printing workshop but ut us scduled in the hackroom.

  • @KillwithKindness I was hoping someone would object when I suggested the timing of the meetings if there was going to be a conflict. How about we postpone the meeting to the board meeting time which is July 25th?

  • My apologize @Grant-Fraser. I had forgotten about the workshop tomorrow when you had made the post about the meetings. I personally like having a set date and time for the meetings. It makes planning much easier to do.

  • 3D

    So what will be happening with the workshops and the members meeting?

  • @ColeVanD moved to July 25th. Can you change the title of the post to reflect the new date?

  • Design Lab

    @ColeVanD please update the Google calendar with these dates?

  • 3D

    @Vaughn I didn’t think i had access to the G-calendar

  • Director

    @ColeVanD I can help you with this tonight after my workshop!

  • I have added the July 25th meeting to the calendar. I only made a basic event with a title of “Members Meeting” and set the time 6-8. I as not sure what else to add but figured this got the ball rolling.

    I have also set up a repeating event for the second Tuesday of each month for the Members meetings. Then a repeating event every fourth Tuesday of each month. Again these are just basic listings for these events that can be edited for more detail. Just getting this started.

  • Item: Keeping the space open regular hours. A big turnoff to drop in membership is the unreliable nature of trying to get access. We need to find a way to get one or two members to commit to keeping the space open.

  • 3D

    @Grant-Fraser well I keep the space open almost everyday from 12-11

  • @ColeVanD and I thank you for that. The point is to be able to advertise regular hours. So what we need is predictability.

  • Item: Our membership rates are not advertised in an easily accessible manner.

  • Member

    I would like to add recruitment to the agenda.
    Also pride parade booth or …?

  • Design Lab

    Item: RFID implementation - what is next step?

    Item: Website upgrade, especially sponsor update and new photos of shops.

    Item: New subsidized ‘Makerspace Opener’ membership.

  • @BrianB has recommended that we could build a better rotary tool than we can buy. The rotary tools available are good for heavy cylinders but not anything tapered or light weight.

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