Daybreak Rotary wants us to present

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    The info mailbox has received a request to give a 15 min presentation to Daybreak Rotary club on either Friday July 28, or Aug 18 or 25. The meetings take place from 7-8:30 over breakfast. Is anyone interested? There will be a captive audience of 65-100 people (who are all dedicated to service work), so I think it would be a good one.

    I don’t know my work schedule for these days yet, and could end up working until 3am the night before, which would be less than ideal, but if I don’t have to work the Thursday I am okay doing it. Two of us presenting would be best IMO.

  • I’d be willing to take time off to do that. We need to put together a resume of successful projects and maybe pitch the idea that we could build stuff for them to earn money.

  • Design Lab

    I’d be available for that. A good opportunity for the Space.
    Thanks @kile - try for the Fri July 28.

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    I’ve emailed back, autoresponder says the fellow is away until the 17th. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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    Okay, so it looks like they want us there for Friday August 25. It is a ways out still, but hopefully we can catch most of them back from summer vacation. He said give them a heads up if we want any projectors or other presentation equipment. I have confirmed the date, but will hold off on confirming the details or handing off the contact until he is back from holidays next week.

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    @kile thanks - when it is confirmed could you please make it an event on the google calendar and ‘invite’ grant and I (and anyone else who cares to come)?

    Also, any ideas we can generate for the presentation are more than welcome. I can wing it with some demos photos and a talk, but maybe there should be a more solid strategy and purpose to the presentation than simply awareness?

    Is Rotary a potential funder?

  • The connection to special education in our community would be a valuable addition to the presentation.

  • I very rarely book clients before 9am in the summer. Can be present as an Insight rep if that would help out.

  • If possible I would like to join you

  • Design Lab

    It looks like we could do a 3-5 minute spiel each that focuses on different aspects of the Makerspace.
    So far it looks like @InsightJeremy @Nicholas @vaughn and maybe @Grant-Fraser ?
    We can take a tote of show and tell stuff.
    @kile yes please ask them for a projector or whatever they have to show photos from a flash drive and laptop.

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    They did mention that they would provide breakfast for up to 2, I can talk to the guy when he gets back and see.

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    It looks like I will be unexpectedly out of town on a family matter next week, so am unable to join in on this presentation. @kile not sure who is also booked for this, but I can’t make it.

  • I can be there.

  • I would still like to go. We should meet tomorrow to go over it @meagan

  • Director

    @Nicholas I am free from 10-4 tomorrow or after 10.30 pm. This isn’t until next Saturday, and I do have free time on Tuesday and Wednesday next week too. What ever works best for you as you are the busier party.

  • Have meetings until around 1:00 will call you after I am done and we can sort something out.

  • Director

    @Nicholas Sounds good. I will most likely be at the space.

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    I got an email from the organizer confirming we are on for tomorrow at 7 am and requesting the names/brief bio for the presenters for the introduction. They also have AV equipment on site if we would like to use it.

    @megan-fenkhuber, and @Nicholas are still good to go? I will email him your names and let him know that you will follow up with bios if you want anything specific mentioned (I will give hime 1-2 sentences about your Makerspace involvement).

    We bring more than 2 if we want, but breakfast is $16 each for any beyond 2. The meeting is at Hotel 540 at 7 am. I know @Grant-Fraser, had expressed interest at some point, but see he hasn’t posted on this lately.

    I can fill in if needed.

  • @kile I will leave it to @megan-fenkhuber and @Nicholas

  • @kile, @Nicholas and I are meet at the space tomorrow morning at 6:30 to grab the tote and anything else we think we need. Do you want to meet us there or at 540?

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