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  • In another thread, Bishop mentioned that he had some Delrin pieces, and I considered asking him if he had a local source for that material… Then I realized that local sources of interesting supplies is a bigger topic than I’d want to derail another thread with.

    Because many supplies are difficult to find in Kamloops, I frequently order materials for projects online. However, sometimes I want something today, and other times, it is cheaper to buy locally than to pay shipping.

    I figured I’d make a topic to mention places you can go to get hard to find stuff.
    I recently found out that AAllGlass on the reserve (across the street from Rona) has several thicknesses of lexan available. They’ll cut rectangles to size for you and want $12/square foot of 1/4"… I’m probably going to add protective guards to tools and do guide plates, and jigs for routers out of the stuff. Clear plus impact resistant is a great combination.

    Metric fasteners are another tricky topic. Home Depot in Sahali (near Walmart) has a pretty good selection. For small fasteners, Interior Crafts (across the street from KIC) is very convenient. You can get many intermediate sized fasteners at Lordco. They give a discount to students if you ask for it. They offer a better discount if they think you’re a mechanic, or you get a mechanic friend to call in the order. You can get many hard to find fasteners at Fastenal on Laval, but you might have to buy a box of 1000.

  • @pierre Sound like a good thread. I’d also like to put together a list of Canadian sources for stuff which can’t be found “locally”.

    Perhaps a “BC Sources” and a “Canada Sources” list would be appropriate in addition to “Local Sources”.

    I found a guy in Quebec (on ebay) that sells metric fasteners for what seems like reasonable prices (cheaper than Canadian Tire and Home Depot anyways). I’ve also bought fasteners from http://www.spaenaur.com/ (in Ontario). They carry just about anything you can imagine, but you typically have to buy boxes of 100 for most things and they have a minimum order (don’t recall exactly how much).

    BC Fasteners in the lower mainland is also a good source (they too have a minimum order - but I think its only $20), and you can drop in to their place if you’re in the neighborhood.

    If we get enough interest for stuff, we can probably put together a group buy for stuff in order to get good prices.

    For Delrin, I purchased most of my own stock from ebay and had it delivered to point roberts in the lower mainland when I lived there.

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    Someone has the time and interest to make a wiki or database for this kind of info… @arasbm if you point me at something, I can do some of the grunt work? @dhylands can probably help me with the tricky bits ;)

    Learning and working on learning more!


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