C.R. Clarke Thermoforming Centre

  • Design Lab

    I have an iron man helmet that might work. Two 2" peices

  • Design Lab

    Is the vacuum plastic translucent ? It would be cool to put a light inside

  • Awesome!!! :) :) :)

  • We always ran acrylic or ABS sheet in the forming machine at my high school. Usually with MDF forms, because they must not collapse…

  • I think Scorpion has some ABS (white, but light should shine through) on the shelf, and I have some PETG (clear, foodsafe) on order. Grant can grab a couple of pieces this week. I’m curious to see how well this machine works.


  • I’m currently thinking we try to reproduce a plastic version of the heritage building plaque… I’m betting we can do a plaster casting to form onto

  • I can’t wait to make things with it!

  • Design Lab

    OMG lets get this thing running!

  • I have a project that I have been wanting to use this for.

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