Hot Nite In The City

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    I’m in for both shifts August 12.
    Thanks @Nicholas!

  • I can help with the evening shift if help is still needed

  • We still need more help there.

  • Director

    @Grant-Fraser I will be available the whole day now

  • @megan.fenkhuber can you edit the top post? I’m on mobile.

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    For anyone who missed the meeting Tuesday and has volunteered for the first shift tomorrow, @Nicholas will meet volunteers at 6 am at 1st and Victoria. We can park at Makerspace or get a parking pass from @Nicholas for a side street spot. And somewhere, somehow, we will get pancakes :)

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    Elycia and @Overelliott can make it for the 6:00 morning. She was having trouble with trouble with posting so i’m relaying for her.

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    @Grant-Fraser Do we have power? Im going to bring a 3d printer if we have power.

  • 3D

    Thanks to everyone who helped and made time <3

  • Thank you to all of the volunteers. Despite some rough spots you all went above and beyond to make the 23rd annual Hot nite in the city car show a success.

  • Can everyone ask around to see if anyone still has a radio? As I am missing one.

  • Lessons for next year:

    • Maybe don’t put this asshole on barricades. :(
    • We should fix the fucked up edge on that one cart so it does not tear open garbage bags. Probably a good thing to test that shiny plastic welder we have sitting in the metal room on.
    • If we can rig storage on the carts themselves to hold liners, gloves, hand-wipes etc, it’ll free up a cart to make more runs, and also mean that we don’t have to send a runner back to the dumpsters to get extra liners.
    • Maybe don’t leave spare liners in the bottom of the can. Lifting them out of the pool of spilled drinks in the bottom of the bin, and fluffing it out to get the liner open splashes gross stuff everywhere. We stopped doing it after a while and switched to using fresh liners, since we did not want to spray the cars and bystanders.
    • I’m going to ebay a bunch of big elastic bands… Tying a knot in a liner with gloves on takes longer than tying off the bag, putting it in the cart, and putting a new liner in.
    • We need about 3 times as many people on carts as we had. We did not manage to clear the bins fast enough to keep up with the rate they filled at, and we had people running the carts pretty much full time without relief.
    • If at all possible we need to put half the dumpsters on each end of the run. Some over by first and Lansdowne, and some over by 6th and Victoria. So that we can run a full load down to first, dump it, and then run it back to 6th and dump it again. *
    • We might want to look out for more wheeled carts that are available cheaply or can be rented. Filling a cart between 6th and 3rd, then running it down to first, running it back to 3rd, then filling it again on the second half is more tiring than it would be to have two carts for each side of the street, and have them stop at every second bin…

  • First run before the bags go in clean the cans with compressed air? This gets rid of the liquids in the bottom.

    Six people with 4 bins? Two teams of three. Four people to load the bins and two to switch out the bins and run them to the dumpster.

    Some sort of bike / trailer combo to run the bins faster?

  • Director

    What about a golf cart with trailer that runs down the alley between Victoria and Lansdowne? Or a truck stationed on Landsdowne between 5th and 6th that we can toss bags into.

  • @Grant-Fraser said:

    First run before the bags go in clean the cans with compressed air? This gets rid of the liquids in the bottom.

    Six people with 4 bins? Two teams of three. Four people to load the bins and two to switch out the bins and run them to the dumpster.

    Some sort of bike / trailer combo to run the bins faster?

    Cleaning the cans is an idea but I don’t believe it will get us to far.

    Each can was caked with thick layers of gross. These layers were soaked in old liquids of all sorts. I think that cleaning the bins would be way more time consuming then just spraying with the air compressor.

    And when we did the first garbage run many of the bags we pulled out were torn and leaking already. So even if we could start with a dry can I don’t think it will help.

    I don’t dislike the bike/trailer combo idea at all. However I don’t know it would work for this particular event.
    One reason being that there is just so many people, chairs and random stuff on the sidewalks that maneuvering through it all would be a giant pain. At one point I was alone and came across a group taking up the whole sidewalk. I stopped, politely said excuse me and was ignored, or not heard. I tried again louder and they looked right at me before turning there back to me and still not moving. Thankfully a gentlemen near by was watching and wound up snapping at then before I had too.
    The second reason being that the carts aren’t very stable going down the uneven brick sidewalks. This can probably be dealt with and there are actually upgrades I want to suggest for these carts already after this event. (Larger softer wheels, a handle of some sort so hunching over to hold them isn’t a thing.)

    Fixing the edge on the one cart won’t be to hard and is a really good idea. Torn bags suck. And I like the idea of being able to store bags on the cart and have a design in mind for a little storage rack that can either be hung off of it or bolted in place that we can probably make with scrap wood around the Space and also add a Maker Space logo to for advertising for next year. I know Nick mentioned signs at the meeting on the 8th but there just wants time this year.

    I am thinking we need 8 people. If we have two people per cart if does make it a little easier to get through the crowds. And with two people one person pulls the old bag and the other person places the new one. This makes each can take a little less time and means there is one person on the team that always has clean hands. Might not seem like much until your hands are so nasty you don’t want to open your own water bottles or touch anything.

    This allows 4 teams and 3 carts. meaning that each team gets a break.

    This year we had 5 people working almost none stop all day with 2 carts and we just could keep up.

    I used to clean at the Casino when it was down town. I worked two years is a row during hot night and I knew to expect a lot of garbage. I even underestimated it. One because I only had to cans to worry about then and they where very large. The cities are very small.

    I think having done this one year now we can make it run even more smoothly in the future.

    I had a great day, it was really fun even with the hiccups at the end. And I want to thank everyone who was out to help. And a big thank you to Nick for getting this for us.

  • @Grant-Fraser said:

    First run before the bags go in clean the cans with compressed air? This gets rid of the liquids in the bottom.

    Until somebody puts something with corners in a bag and tears it. It helped when we figured out that some of the bags were bigger and actually fit the bins without stretching… Pretty sure most of the torn bags were the smaller, thin ones. I’d guess that about half the beverage containers going in the bins still had liquid in them.

    Also, compressed air is likely to spray gross liquid everywhere.

    I’m thinking it might help to dump a cup or so of this stuff (cheaply available as bulk cat litter) into the liner as it gets installed might entrain most of the liquid, and help to open up the bag quickly. Some sort of “Please empty your cup into this funnel before tossing it…” sign might help too. Funnels going into the existing drain grates on the street.

    Some of the cans were much more active than others. Something about the average distance it takes to drink a cup of coffee, draw a radius around Blenz, Zacks, etc… We might want to plan to run extra trips to the high-traffic bins, or double those ones up.

  • Found the radio. Moving in the back alleys is not a bad idea. golf carts are not a bad idea. The city was supposed to pressure wash the bins and it never happened. Next year I won’t put the bags in the bins. We will explore options to avoid the chaos at the end.

  • Also… I used to think that one day I’d become Phil Beddoe… But it turns out I may have inadvertently turned into Clyde.


  • @Nicholas I guess if we had more bins we could rotate old bins for new ones. I wouldn’t want the problem of emptying carts without bags. I might suggest contractor bags. They cost more but are good for hauling sharp garbage like drywall. When I worked on the junk truck that’s all we used. Cheaper bags were just more work.

  • There were contractor bags in the supplies… I made the mistake of taking the shitty bags first because they were in the open box of bags on top of the supply pile.

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