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    Kamloops Pride has invited us to march in the inaugural Kamloops Pride Parade on August 20th. I think this sounds like a great opportunity to interact with the community, and I have two important questions.

    1. Should I register the Kamloops Makerspace as a group? (i.e. who would show up?)

    2. Would a fire shooting phallus be too much? (I’ve been looking for an excuse to make one for a while, and this seems to come the closest to legit).

  • I dont know about fire but maybe mod some water guns…

  • When is it? I know that myself and likely @megan-fenkhuber would be interested if we don’t already have any commitments. And we might be able to wrangle us a few of our friends that would be willing to hold banners or such other advertising.

    As for fire, probably a little much. Especially depending on when it is. Dry weather + fire = bad things. Sorry to seem like a party pooper.

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    @KillwithKindness, August 20th is a Sunday. The email didn’t have any details about the precise time.

  • I googled pictures from last year. It looks like lots of rainbow flags and wigs but nothing outrageous.

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    @Grant-Fraser, I don’t know what you googled, but this is the first one according to the email.

    I know TRUSU has done one on campus for a few years at least, but there hasn’t been a Kamloops one downtown before according to the organizers.

    In terms of pushing the boundaries I think you are right though. Better to let those who identify with the cause set the beat of the drum, and just show up to march.

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    I am definately in! I will be attending the Vancouver Pride Parade and the beginning of August so I will take lots of pictures for “research”!

  • So I have read through the rules and they expressly state “No fireworks, open fires, or other pyrotechnics are permitted.” Also, the booths are not supposed to allow the sale of merchandise, but I am in contact with Kamloops Pride to see about an exception if all of the proceeds are going to the Space. I did register us to walk and for a booth.

  • We are pretty much set for the parade THIS Sunday, with a few exceptions.

    ~ We need a banner/sign
    ~ We need someone to deliver the booth stuff to riverside between 9-9:30 as we HAVE to be set up by 10AM.

    Parade leaves the park at 11, and booth pack up is at 2. We will need at least one person to volunteer to saty behind wth the booth.

    @KillwithKindness and I have painted some of the beavers with various pride flags, but as per my conversation we are only allowed to give them as gifts for donations (no prices being advertised). We should use our discretion and only give them to people who make donations of $2 or more.

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    I am drawing a blank on a sign/banner making but will head down to Padlock Studios this evening and see what I can do. Anyone want to meet there? (from Facebook: We’re ready for Design Your Pride! Drop in to Padlock Studios (175 2nd Ave.) today between 3-8:00 to make your own sign for the parade on Sunday! 🏳️‍🌈)

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    @Beth thanks for that! I will be at the space by 7 tonight to hopefully make a banner! @Nicholas may also be there to help he said!

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    At the space now with a bunch of poster board and some letter stencils if anyone wants to help!

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    I have a map of where our booth is!
    0_1503191063999_Booths.png 0_1503191072359_Map Riverside.png

    As well, I have a power point provided by the Pride organizers regarding parade and booth!

    0_1503191157556_Kamloops Pride - PowerPoint - Businesses and Organizations.pdf

  • We had an awesome time at the parade today, thanks to everyone who came out: @KillwithKindness @Krankin @pierre @Beth @Nicholas @ColeVanD @KassMcMullen & the two Jeremy’s! We made $130 selling the pins we painted, so thanks to @Chainmaildave for making those!

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    @megan.fenkhuber plus now we’re part of a historical event!

  • @megan.fenkhuber Remind me… I have another $5 from a cow-orker who wanted a Pan pin…

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