Where to buy solder and flux?

  • Can anyone point me in the direction of a store that sells solder and flux? I found RTS, however they’re not open weekends.

  • I buy my tinning flux from canadian tire. I am sure you can find small amounts of solder there also. It comes in a small tube.

  • For hobbyist uses, I highly recommend that you get solder with lead in it, rather than the lead free. Lead-free solder needs higher temps and is a bit more fiddly.

    amazon.ca has some: https://www.amazon.ca/niceeshop-0-3mm-Rosin-Solder-Soldering/dp/B00EVP92G8

    I often find leaded solder at surplus places (or electronics swap meets) and snatch up any rolls of fine leaded solder that I find.

  • I personally get mine from amazon. This is what I like to use.

  • @dhylands said:

    For hobbyist uses, I highly recommend that you get solder with lead in it, rather than the lead free.

    ^^^ This man knows what he’s talking about…

    You can permanently fix a lot of oddball reliability issues by adding some lead-based solder to flaky lead-free joints. This is because the lead-free stuff is much more brittle than the old stuff. Which means that in environments where there is repeated bending or vibration (vehicles, especially boats…) or where there is a lot of hot-cold cycles (thermal expansion/contraction as you power the XBox up and down) the joints tend to fail. Any time someone advises you to heat up a board in the oven, or block the vents and over-heat it in the hopes of re-flowing the solder, they’re trying to work around lead-free solder.

    Only problem is, lead is not great for you if you ingest it. Don’t eat your circuit boards. The fibreglass in the board is also not the type of fibre your doctor recommends either. You won’t actually inhale significant amounts of lead, since you are only bring it up to the eutectic point, not boiling it. That smell you notice is the rosin flux burning off and carrying away oxides and grease from the copper.

  • Thanks for the tips everyone, and an extra thank you to @pierre, your colour commentary never ceases to be as amusing as it is helpful.

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