Future Flux - Clay and New Tech Presentation by Amanda Eccleston

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    JULY 27 Thursday 6pm - 7pm in the Classroom
    Future Flux: a presentation on the innovative relationship between clay and technology.
    A slide and video presentation on the 51st NCECA conference; Future Flux. Learn how contemporary ceramicists and sculptors are using new technologies to create their clay work. Tools used by artists in the presentation include 3D clay printers, 3D scanners, CNC routers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, Oculus Rift and software such as Z-Brush, Rhino, OnShape, Maya, Reality Capture, Agasoft Photoscan, and Medium.
    Free for MakerSpace members
    $5 donation drop-in for non members

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  • This looks very interesting, and very cool! :)

  • I really like inverted delta layouts. They’re super sturdy, and allow arbitrarily heavy end-effectors, since you move the work-piece, not the end effector…

    A group of students published a paper last year using a rig like this, moving a piece of firebrick with a grounded steel plate on top, and a mig welder as the hot-end to 3-d print steel.

  • This is definitely a course that has my interest. Unfortunately I’m on a long work trip and won’t return until Friday of that week.

    I sure hope I can grab some notes down the road.

  • @Jacob-S. I’ve also learned of interesting techniques to bind a ceramic thin layer to metals and other materials… mostly to improve their corrosive resistance and thermal properties (see ceramic thin film for details).

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    Bumping up! My presentation is tonight at 6 in the new classroom.

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