My first adventure with the Arduino Mega

  • Im a flight sim geek so when I found the software package called Link2Fs that allowed you to read and write data to an Arduino, I had to give it a try. The radio is a multi function package that takes care of all radio functions in flight simulator in one controller.

  • The faceplate was cut on my cnc mill.


  • Not the prettiest wiring job but I wasn’t sure it was even going to work. That’s my excuse anyways 😀


  • Couple more parts I made before the motor controller decided to release the magic smoke on me.


  • Linux

    Very impressive … I am envious/impressed of the items that you make on your mill!

  • Thanks Chris,the cnc mill can be pretty handy for projects like this, no doubt about that. I would still much rather be turning dials by hand though, much more satisfaction doing things manually. The design part is what makes the cnc fun. I actually don’t look forward to babysitting the mill while she’s working, it’s loud and usually kinda boring,when it’s not boring that means something is about to crash and it gets exciting very quickly. 😳😁

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