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    In order to schedule regular open times for the space, and enhance the access for drop-in members, the board has decided to offer discounted memberships for up to two (2) members.

    This is a pilot project, that will be run for up to three (3) months, at which time it will be thoroughly evaluated. This pilot will serve as the basis for potentially offering other incentives to members for acts that pose a significant amount of value for the space. As such, it is designed to be fairly onerous, and the value of the benefit that the space may receive is designed to be greater than the loss of income due to the discounted memberships.

    The job description is listed below. Interested parties may apply by email to Please include a short paragraph explaining why you feel you would be well suited to this position. Applications will remain open until July 31.

    Space Open Coordinator
    Job Description
    July 25, 2017

    Having the space open enough to entice drop in membership has been an issue since we moved into the building. Many strategies have been discussed, and so far without a formal plan, we have had a few members dedicate time to open the space and it has helped. What we need is to be able to schedule regular open hours so that drop ins can schedule their lives around coming to the space, so that we can post the hours online (for instance, on a google search, open hours comes up for all organizations front and center), and so non-member interested parties can come and check us out, drop off donations, etc.

    –A $50 discount on a keyholder membership
    –The ability to acquire volunteer hours
    –Gain experience in managing the day to day tasks and responsibilities of a sprawling organization
    –Help Kamloops Makerspace achieve its goals

    The successful candidate will have been a member in good standing of the Kamloops Makerspace for thepast three months.

    –Book and attend 40 hours of “Space Open” time per month
    –Times must be booked 2 weeks in advance on the space google calendar
    –Upon booking, notify your board liaison for approval
    –Eligible times are any time on weekends, and weekdays from 2-10 pm, excluding wednesday hacknight after 5pm, and maker monday from 6pm on.
    –The Space Open coordinator must be punctual, this must be treated like it is opening hours for a business.
    –Post twice to social media during each shift.
    One of these posts can be a simple “space open” post
    The other must be activity based, things going around the space, or thanking a sponsor or partner
    –A walk through of the entire building must be completed upon opening and closing the space, and periodically during long shifts.
    Ensure all outside doors are secure
    Ensure that only members, partners, or sanctioned guests are in the building
    Ensure there are no hazards or emergencies
    –The daily log must be filled out every shift
    Volunteer hours logged
    Notes of problems noticed, maintenance required
    Any injuries or safety near misses must be reported
    Any notable incidents, ideas, or meetings with guests
    Sign off on all duties

    This contract may, at the discretion of the board, be revoked for the following circumstances:
    –The coordinator is late for 2 shifts in a month without notice
    –The coordinator misses a shift without notice
    –The coordinator fails to fill out the log twice in a month
    –The coordinator fails to fulfill the social media or cleaning requirements twice in a month
    –The coordinator fails to fulfill the 40 hour requirement during 2 months

    The board reserves the right to review the performance of a space open coordinator and revoke this contract at any time, based on its discretion.

  • @kile
    This would be greatly appreciated. A big reason I haven’t renewed my membership, is because KM is never open…

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