August 8, Members Meeting

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    This thread is the official announcement, for the next members meeting, which will take place Tuesday August 8th at 6:30 pm. It is also the place to raise items that you would like added to the agenda, please post below to do so.

    If the issue you are raising is a new one, a brief summary may be warranted, but please try to refrain from back and forth debate or discussion here. Link-to or create a specific thread for those types of discussion please. If we keep the posts pointed and concise here it is easier to go through and turn into the agenda later.

    Please note that this meeting is coming two-weeks after the last members meeting. This is to put us back onto the schedule that is posted online. Following this meeting we will maintain a schedule of rotating members-meetings and board-meetings every other week.

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    @kile thanks

  • Design Lab

    Item: Clay space grant requirements - rotary tool capability.

  • Re thinking the membership levels

    I got to thinking that with the RFID system it gives us a chance to consider other options for membership levels. I would still imagine the two levels of Keyholder and Drop in. Keyholders would get 24/7 access and dropins would only get access from 5-9pm or limited to 10 hours a month. The second idea would need a swipe in / swipe out system. By not needing to have a keyholder present we could get away from the difficulty we are having with keeping the space open regular hours.

    The down side is that we no longer have a probationary period before giving someone unsupervised access. Right now we do that with the requirement to be a drop in member for 2 months before becoming a keyholder.

  • @Grant-Fraser we could just have a probationary period…

    With automated access, that is a thing too. It becomes more feasible (and somewhat less necessary) once we can RFID interlock certain specific machines. The stage where we get to know a new member really serves two purposes: it helps to ensure that there is someone around that they can ask if they want to use a machine that needs a 101 badge… (we really need to label those machines, but an interlock on them that checks your badge status is better still) and it means there is some hope of someone coming to their assistance if they injure themselves.

    That second one is trickier… When we vote to give someone keyholder access, that is a statement that in general the existing membership thinks that person is likely to not push the envelope safety-wise when nobody is around to help them. It is always tempting to go: I really need a second set of hands (or eyes!) to do this safely, but nobody is around so I’ll just balance it on this here coffee cup! So far we’ve kept the magic red fluid club membership very, very low, and I’d really like to keep it that way.

    Also… is a good source for mostly how not to do stuff safely.

  • Will be there to go over Hot Nite In The City

  • @Nicholas I will be available for the whole day now. @everyonelse I will not make it back to town for the meeting unfortunately as I am still at the coast. I will have my phone on me so if anyone has any questions I can try and respond. I am still working on the website stuff and will update the thread on that tomorrow or Thursday.

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