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  • Do any of the friendly makerspacers know how to make a stamp with a business name and logo on them? I’m thinking the best way would probably be to 3D print one, but I don’t have much knowledge on that.

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  • I made one stamp for the makerspace. I used caulking and cornstarch. I mixed in enough cornstarch to tot make the caulking rubbery. I then placed a sticker on the bottom of the of the stamp and carved out the simple makerspace logo. This is a the simple and easy way I did it.

    Second method we did was print out a die on a 3d printer. Made caulking and cornstarch mix and placed in the 3d printed die. Wait for it to set for a day or so. Take it out of the die and add some caulking to some wood and stick it on.

    So far I have only used a 3d printer to make chess pieces. A few of the other members know how to use the 3d printer far more then I do.

    I guess it also depends on how complex your stamp is going to be.

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    I am in the process of making a stamp as well. need a illustrator vector file of image and then using the back side of linoleum or similar material laser cut logo in the lino, then from there use contact cement to attach to a hard wood block, bingo, then get your ink pad and stamp away till your heart is content.

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    I had good success with my cnc router and v bit carving. I used one of those jumbo erasers from the dollar store with the text on it “for BIG mistakes”. I glued that to a chunk of 1/2 plywood. I cut the design (reversed of course) into the eraser and used an xacto knife to trim away the excess around the edges. I have been using it to stamp my logo onto wood products that i make (using an archival ink pad I bought on amazon).
    If anybody wants photos or additional info let me know.

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