Halloween props

  • I noticed a projector in the lounge on maker Monday. Then today @KillwithKindness sent me a video of these DVDs… I’m wondering what we can come up with.

  • The DVDs are cool and all… and Spirit Halloween in town is likely to have them in stock, but the interesting stuff from my perspective is about 50 seconds into the video… Having a screen shaped like a person, or using what looks like screen-door mesh as a projection screen to get floating things in mid-air is pretty neat. I think we could probably create a very interesting effect by doing a 360 degree distorted image (like some security cameras can produce) and then putting the projector inside the cone-shaped screen to fill it with image…

  • Yes. The first time I had seen this was last year or the year be for.

  • @ColeVanD says he has some of those videos and that they work well!

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