TRUSU Clubs Day and Back to School BBQ

  • Are we planning on having a booth at TRUSU’s Back to School BBQ and/or Clubs Day?
    As a non-profit we meet the criteria for both days. It would be a great opportunity to generate interest in the space and attract new members.

    Let me know what you think. If you have any questions I can answer them or link you with TRUSU’s events coordinator.

    Info and Sign Up Here

  • I don’t know if I have the time of for it yet.

  • I notice there is no mention of price until after you sign up. Any idea of the costs involved?. @pierre mentioned there could be a partnership with ITel at one of the tables. We should get more info on that first.

  • I know for the PHP conference when we tried to have a booth last year, it was $200. For a school group! This year, the conference is trying to get the Faculty of Arts to pay for it. If iTel is able to partner with us that would be pretty awesome. Clubs Day is usually only for TRUSU designated clubs, so unless some of our student members start the TRUSU Makers Club or something i don’t think we are eligible to have a table there :(.

  • Clearing up some confusion/answering some questions:


    1. My TRUSU liaison says non-profits should be free, but they will double check. At the end of the day, if there is a cost, it can be waived.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your crummy experience with the PHP conference, and luckily the 2 events in question are not hosted by the same organization. The PHP Conference is hosted by TRU whereas Clubs Day and the Back To School BBQ are hosted by TRUSU. These are two separate governing bodies and there should be no price for a non-profit to attend one of these TRUSU hosted event.

    2. Clubs day always has community non-profit organizations attend. Yes we are eligible to have a table there as a non-profit. Clubs day is not only for clubs, but for non-profit organizations and community groups. Faith groups, dance studios, fitness/sports groups, community groups, and political groups attend annually. KIC always attends in partnership with TRU Generator.

    A partnership with ITEL isn’t a bad idea, I believe Danny Rink has taken over as the CIO this summer. They would need to be contacted asap if this were the plan.


    Here is the link I was sent about it. It says nonprofits are $200 I have a contact. Will See What I can do

  • Director

    @dokimomo I was the organizing Chair for the PHP conference for the last 2 years and am on the committee as alumni liaison this year. The PHP conference is a student organized and planned event that we have to fundraise in order to pay the university to host it there. We are associated with the PHP faculty by way of faculty advisors but are not a TRUSU club so we were not able to participate in Clubs Day unless we were sponsored by one of the PHP clubs (philosophy, history, or politics) and we had to pay for a spot for the BBQ. We were told again this year that it would be $200 for a table so we are working with the PHP faculty to figure out how to get that fee waived but it does not look promising.

  • @megan.fenkhuber Oh I see. I had misinterpreted your comment as you wanted to book a booth at the PHP conference and were quoted $200.

    Also Question, When you say we were not able to participate in Clubs Day unless we were sponsored by one of the PHP clubs (philosophy, history, or politics) does this mean one of these student run clubs needed to sponsor you in means of money or just by association?

  • Director

    @dokimomo We had to be set up at another club’s table. Since I was the treasurer of the History Club, that is where we set up. The PHP committee is not set-up as a club because then we would have to allow any TRU student to join, and as the positions are appointed from applicants by faculty members, that really doesn’t work. Oh bureaucracy.

  • @megan.fenkhuber I see, it was smart of you to cheese it that way.

    Following your Example, we can make this work.

    For Clubs Day I can secure the Maker-space a Table with no charge.
    For the Back to School BBQ, It’s a little more tricky. I can get you in for free, under Sponsorship of the Computing Science Club. This would mean sharing a Table with the Club, but I can also work with Parth and Amanda to see if we can have this table right beside KIC and TRU Generator at the event.

    Does the Makerspace have a tent? We can utilize space better this way.

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