Laser filter

  • I’m working out a design for a swamp cooler type air filter for the Laser cutter. \Does anybody have a spare fountain or pond pump?
    Other ingredients involve two laundry sinks, clear tubing, hose barbs. Will post a reasonable hand drawn sketch in time.

  • @Grant-Fraser
    I have three used but working pumps sitting in a warehouse in East Vancouver right now. I was planning a quick day trip down to Seattle to pick up a second laserdisc autochanger soon so I could bump that ahead a few weeks and go down over the long weekend.

  • I’ve rethought the design and won’t bed a pump anymore. Thanks

  • Design Lab

    Thanks @Grant-Fraser - what dimension of table surface and height would be ideal? I’ll make one.

    Any other features required for this table?

    And thank you for all the work you do for the space!

  • @Vaughn the plywood that the unit gets bolted to is on the table in the metal shop. It’s under the cooler. You can take measurements from that. I think the last table was about 2 feet high.

  • Design Lab

    @Grant-Fraser I’ll take a look at it this weekend.
    Thank you.

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