What is the deal with the bikes in the mud room?

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    These two bikes have been hanging up in the mud room all summer and I’m wondering to whome they belong. I think the blue bike with the feathers is @Vaughn but not sure where the red bike came from. If no one claims it I would suggest we make it into a backwards steering bike and use it as a demo item.

  • @Vaughn’s Daughter’s bike is the red one.

  • I believe that is a bike rack for visiting members so there are not bicicles leaning against bins in the mud room however at the moment Vaughn has one hook reserved for his own bike. It’s not the best place for a bike rack but I wouldn’t suggest it be outside in this neighborhood.

  • If I wanted a bike to not disappear outside… I’d arrange to hang it high enough to make stealing it a suicide mission.

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