Building a PC, who to talk to?

  • Hey everyone,

    Been a crazy busy summer so I haven’t taken part in any classes for a while, but I definitely am keeping an eye on what’s been happening around the space so I can get back into it again.

    I also thought of something I heard at the PC building class we did a few months ago. Someone there had mentioned if anyone had wanted help choosing the parts, and help assembling their own PC, that there was someone around the space who could help with that. Lately I’ve been dabbling in the world of Twitch and live streaming (been doing streams of different 3D printing projects and a few other things) but because the laptop I have is terrible, it makes the stream quality frustrating to deal with. I’d like to build a PC that will handle basic streaming with 2-3 video feeds (no actual gaming, everything I do is part of the IRL category in Twitch).

    Hoping to build a PC that might save me a bit of money, and give me a better quality one than if I had just bought one pre-built. Any suggestions on who to talk to?

  • Yes I was helping out with that workshop.
    Twitch is a new concept to me. I wonder what the requirements for streaming with 2-3 video feeds.

    I wonder what is in your laptop?

  • @Ron_Ron My current laptop is pretty terrible. It’s just one of those ones you get for “free” when you sign up for Telus. I can get you specs if you want, all I know is when I run OBS (the program used to compile video feeds etc and broadcast to Twitch), Spotify, Chrome, and an app called Voice Meeter (used to mix the mic and Spotify feeds) the video quality becomes garbage.

    I’m looking at Newegg, and NCIX and as far as pre-built PCs go, I’m at least looking at $1000, and I’d prefer to stay well below that if possible.

    EDIT: Apparently Twitch recommends:

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD Equivalent (Compare your CPU)
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

  • Yes specs of laptop would be nice to compare to.

    Six or seven years ago I built my pc. I spent about 1200 on it. That is everything I needed for it.
    It comes down to what parts you want to use. What you are willing to sacrifice for cost and if you have any parts you have or get for free.

    If you don’t mind using an old case?
    Second hand power supply…

  • So here’s a little screenshot of the basic specs of my current laptop:


    I don’t mind using an old case (to me its not as much about how it looks as how it runs) Let me know if you need any other specs!

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