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    I have mentioned to some people, but have not mentioned it here (chickens and eggs and such) The Makerbus is in Kamloops now. I will be running the Makerbus as its own entity, but hope to have a close relationship with Kamloops Makerspace. The Makerbus is being set up as its own non-profit initiative.

    I would like to thank Jim Akeson @trunner. He was a huge help in the development of Kamloops Makerspace and many others. I am honored to have the opportunity to take up the torch of the Makerbus that he has created.


    I hope that the bus will be used for education, public events and birthdays. It will ideally be used by Kamloops Makerspace members to provide these services. Currently, some Makerspace members are involved with education and I hope this will be a useful resource to continue bringing the maker movement to our community.

    I will be needing to do some work on the bus to pass a provincial inspection. I would also like to make some improvements to the resources on the bus. Things I would like to add to the bus include a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and 3d printer. I also need batteries for the onboard power and an inverter.

    Anyone who would like to help out with this work or able to provide any of the materials needed would be welcome. I will also be accepting donations for the development of this project. Anyone can get a hold of me here, or email me or call (250) 320-1643 for a tour of the bus. I look forward to any ideas you may have to bring yet another maker resource to Kamloops.0_1503778996277_busbar.png

  • Design Lab

    Awesome aquisition, @Nicholas! This works in perfectly with the goal set last December of expanding our capability to take the Makerspace digital fabrication experience out into the community.

    Creating a modular curriculum (well marked totes with turn-key mini projects in them) married to a mobile and adaptable platform is genius - a whole new way promote the Makerspace mission.

    I look forward to helping with this once this insane summer work schedule closes.

    This unit would look awesome parked at Makerspace - and a potential expansion of our on site capabilities. I would be in favour of that - we need a Grand Project at the Space.

    You’re an awesome member, @Nicholas - thanks for all your great work.

  • After we do the haunted house, it might be a good time to build a battery testing/recharging station. Something that we can hook some SLA or lithium batteries up to and have it cycle them and tell us if they are good.

    I know that @DRDEMENTED has offered us good prices on lots of SLA batteries that are mostly good… If we automate the task of separating the wheat from the chaff we should be able to get enough batteries together to power many interesting projects.

    I’m suggesting lithium and SLA, because Lithium is good for all the new sexy portable things, and lead acid is the most proven battery tech in the world. If weight is not an issue, you can put together a lead-acid stack that’ll do anything, cheaper than any other alternative, and likely to still be running long after you’ve exhausted the charge cycles on your modern batteries.

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