Pressure Washer?

  • Hey all, @KillwithKindness and I are wondering if anybody has a pressure washer we can borrow for Maker Monday tomorrow to wash the front steps and side walk!

  • I can can drop mine off on the way to work tomorrow morning but I gotta be able to get inside when I drive past around 7:20AM. I was suppost to bring it in yesterday actually.

  • Design Lab

    @MIPS I’m around then.

  • @MIPS, @ColeVanD says he will be there too

  • The pressure washer was dropped off this morning.
    I included one of my Gardena fittings. I would like it back please.

  • There is a gas powered pressure washer that surfaced in the mud room with no idea where it came from, no hoses and not even its wheels. Anyone know who it belongs to and was it a donation or was it delivered for the cleaning and not picked up yet?

    Also, I will be bringing the pressure washer back tonight. Apparently they were not done with it yet. >_>

  • I’m making arrangements to pass this along. If somebody comes by asking for it please offer a tour when handing it over.

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