CAD workshop kick off in April

  • In the last couple of weeks I have heard from several people in our community that they are interested in learning or expanding their CAD skills. Coincidentally, onshape launched their beta in March and it provides a great platform for us to learn CAD together and start collaborating on our projects. Checkout this thread about onshape and share your experience with us. Onshape already has some nice tutorials, it is obvious that they are putting a lot of resources to each out to new people who did not have access to CAD before. Since 3D modelling is one of those skills that require lots of practice, we think it would be best to have a series of workshops.

    To get things started I suggest we have our next workshop on Wednesday April 15th with everyone who is interested in attending these series of workshops.

    @dhylands and @meagan are you still up for being the instructor for this series of workshops?

    Edit: just so we have a rough idea how many people are interested:

    [whoisin title=(Will you attend this workshop?) iamin=(Yes I will!)]

  • Let me know if you need any support in setting up for the workshop.
    Maybe just a google form to sign up for the workshop since it’s most likely free (?)

  • @amanda can we book the generator for April 15th?

  • A requirement for the workshop would be a laptop with a WebGL enabled browser (Firefox or Chrome) and a 3-button mouse (or preferably a mouse with a zoom wheel).

    It looks like OnShape can be used with just a touchpad and 2-button mouse. I verified that zoom-in/out, pan and rotate all work using just the keyboard.

    Under linux, the alt-drag (with the mouse) moves the current window around, which I foud to be really annoying (OnShape uses Alt-Drag to do rectangle selection, and CamBam uses Alt-Drag to move your point of view).

    The CamBam website has a section on this page: which talks about how to disable the ALT+Drag behaviour.

    I used the Ubuntu 12.* instructions for 14.04 on my machines.
    I changed <Alt> to <Super>
    Warning: I tried making it the empty string and this wound up disabling my left mouse button all together. Which makes doing just about anything rather interesting.

    After that then ATL+Drag gets passed down to the app/browser instead of being processed by the window-manager.

  • @arasbm yes thats fine!

    Did you want me to set up a sign up form? Or just have everyone show up, and replace the h4ck night.

  • @amanda sorry I thought I had already replied. Since this event will be free, I think its best to send people to this thread to sign up.

    Here is a quick description of the event:

    Kamloops Makerspace is planning a series of CAD workshops. To kick things off we are hosting a free introduction to CAD workshop on April 15th. The future workshops over the next few months will be tailored toward the needs of this original group. Whether you are completely new to CAD or you are experience and want to try a new software, this series of workshops is a great opportunity. We are very excited to have two of our very talented and experienced members Dave Hylands and Meagan Mason guide us along our adventure in learning parametric modeling.

    • When: Wednesday April 15th from 6pm to 8pm
    • Where: The Generator at TRU
    • *Instructors: @dhylands (Dave Hylands) and @meagan (Meagan Mason)
    • Cost: Free! Please indicate in this thread that you are planning to attend
    • Things to Bring: A laptop with a WebGL enabled browser (Firefox or Chrome) and a 3-button mouse (or preferably a mouse with a zoom wheel)
    • Sign up for Onshape: Visit onshape and request an account if you have not signed up already

    That is a random model from Onshape examples.

    @amanda @dhylands @meagan That is the best I could write at this late hour :smile:. Let me know if you like this description changed in any way, or have better images to use. We will probably use this over the next few days to spread the word about the workshop.

  • @arasbm Everybody should also have already signed up and gotten an OnShape account prior to coming (it took a day for me to get mine - others have gotten them right away - YMMV)

  • Linux

    Want me to see what I’ve got for extra mice and laptops to bring in case anyone doesn’t have one? and should we ask Onshape if we can get a couple dummy “trainer” accounts set up?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena I’ll try to remember to bring a couple mice.

    What would the trainer accounts be used for? I already have an account and was just planning on using that for me.

    Basically, any old email address can sign up for an account.

    I know at least with gmail you can throw dots anywhere in your account name and add +something to the end, and they still all wind up coming to your gmail account.

    So,,, and will all wind up coming to foobar’s gmail account. You can use that trick if you want to make it look like you have multiple email addresses.

  • Linux

    Thinking of people who might show up without an account…

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Thinking of people who might show up without an account…

    @hdsheena You mean without an account here? I think if someone want to learn Onshape, they should be savvy enough to sign up for an account here ;) unless I misunderstood your point. Part of the reason I did not want to create a google form for sign up was to get people to sign up here.

  • Linux

    Without an OnShape account. If someone comes to the workshop and needs an account and didn’t get their invite yet, or forgot to sign up, or didn’t know how…

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena good point, we just have to tell people to sign up in advance any chance we get. I also edited my original summary post above.

  • Linux

    I guess it seems like a good way to build rapport with on shape, and be inclusive to people who may not start out with the computer savvy ness of many of our members. Getting on shape aware of what we’re doing seems like a win win?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • I created an extra gmail account ( and created an OnShape Account registered against that account.

    If some people show up without an OnShape account, they can either register while they’re there (it only took 2 minutes to create this one), or use the one I created.

    You can sign on from multiple computers using the same account.

  • Linux

    I just got a Wacom drawing tablet (gift from a friend) and it seems compatible-ish with Onshape. is it worth bringing tomorrow?
    @Vikki can’t attend, but might stop by after her commitment if that’s okay. My friend Kirin may attend, but he’s building a fence and isn’t sure if he’ll be done by then. Is it looking like a big group?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena why not, bring the tablet. I am also curious to see how well it will work with the Wacom pen. I highly doubt we will be full this time. Please tell @Vikki and your friend to come when they can.

  • I’m also bringing my iPad mini - OnShape has an iOS app. No android app yet.

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