Members Meeting - Tuesday September 12th, 2017 @ 6:30pm

  • Director

    Please post your agenda items here.

    So far we have:

    • Updated Website Report - @megan-fenkhuber
      • It’s Live!
      • Discussion about adding eCommerce functionality
    • Laser Tube/Rotary Cutter report - @pierre
      • Tube on it’s way! - delayed by tropical storms in the US
      • TUBE INSTALLED! Successful cuts performed!
    • Fall/Winter Workshop Schedule - @megan-fenkhuber
      • Would like to get on the ASAP - at least one workshop per week
      • Please fill our the form so I can advertise them !
    • Clayspace report - @Vaughn
      • Is operational and ready for action! Programming coming soon
      • Opening Friday September 29th 5-8 pm as part of Culture Days
      • Wednesday Hack Nights in the Clay Space heavily promoted
    • New Classroom activation - @kile
      • Ground rules for use, etc.
    • STEM Education funding - @kile
      • Collaboration with BLSC and NSERC grant
    • Fundraising initiatives/ideas/planning - @megan, @Grant-Fraser, @Vaughn
      • Fundraiser dinner v. pub night? Pub night means less work and can be executed rather quickly. Potential to make less money, but due to the ease of planning, we can host several a year. Thoughts?
      • Online fundraising drive - we have an option to add a donate button to our Facebook page, and @Grant-Fraser has found an app from Stripe that will allow the payments to go right into our account.
      • Proper, plexi donation box well marked in good spot of lounge where people walk by. With lights and arrows and stuff.
      • Merchandise display by donation box - we have SWAG, lets sell it. Use vending machine? @MIPS
      • Golden Buddha offered to carry the ‘Canada-themed’ SWAG - bag some up and take it to see Brenda and cut a deal? @Chainmaildave
      • User Groups (like Kamloops Open Gamers, Insight, Theatre Co., etc) - can everyone try to find one and bring them in to rent workshops or classroom, etc?
      • Weds Night tour hosts could promote donations and memberships more?
      • Organize Big Spring Flea Market for Members (partial proceeds to Space) on a Weds in May?
    • Culture Days - @Vaughn
      • We should participate in this awesome event.
      • we will need members in all the major rooms and big clean before hand
    • Halloween Night is Tuesday October 31 - need to book space right away
      • This will come up faster than we think!
      • massive advertising of Haunted House at least 3 weeks prior
      • @Nicholas has asked that we have a volunteer coordinator to schedule all the volunteer efforts, and I have said I can do it, but help is always appreciated
      • @pierre has some ideas for new effects requiring projectors and mosquito netting
      • @Nicholas may have some new ideas too!
    • Review of our occupancy and lease of 207 West Victoria @vaughn
    • A group review of our current lease and a discussion of our plan going forward with regards to the building and our occupancy, especially once our current 3 year lease expires July 31 2019.

  • Design Lab

    I find it much more efficient if some information is provided for each agenda item to allow people to consider the issue prior to the meeting. If the agenda item is simply a report, then so be it, but if a decision or action is required by the group some background of the issue should be posted with the agenda entry. Much more efficient.

  • RFID update: The box is programmed and installed. It has power and ethernet. Door strike is connected. Key fobs are on their way. It would be awesome if they get here before the meeting. We need to discuss membership levels. Right now the system is programmed on a good/bad basis. It is not programmed to two different membership levels.

    I would propose we go to a flat rate of $75 for access and abandon the two tier membership system.
    We are having difficulty keeping members at the $50 level because access is unpredictable.
    There are risks involved with changing to the new system and with keeping the old. The old system is unable to attract and retain members. The new system could see a loss of $50 members who cant afford $75 and $100 members who look forward to the price break resulting in lost revenue.

  • Tube update: It got to Richmond, was slated for delivery today. Then Customs pulled out the crate and opened it, so maybe we’ll get it tomorrow? I’m not happy about that, but there is little I can do about it. Hopefully they were gentle.

  • Design Lab

    any additions or deletions to the agenda?

  • Minutes

    Meeting called to order at 6:37

    Role call: Vaughn, Kile, Kyle, Grant, Ashley, Dave, Pierre, Cole, Megan

    • Website - Megan
      • Looks good
      • eCommerce down the road
    • Laser Tube/ Rotary/ Chiller -
      • New tube works good on ply, acrylic, and paper
      • Wants to switch from water coolant to glycol coolant
      • Swapped out intermittent pump for one from @MIPS - oil filled
        • There is a failsafe that will shut down the laser if chiller fails - will mess up your cut
        • Can tap into the interlock for other emergency shut-off measures
      • Switch out power supply to maybe get cleaner power
      • Need to make a new power chart as the numbers are vastly different from the previous tube
      • Updates to be done to 101
        • Not just increasing the power
      • If we want 10,000 hours, do not push above 16 mA
        • Translates to less than 50% power
        • But continue to check power consumption
      • Critical spare when we have a budget
        • We have spare lens/mirrors
        • Tubes have a shelf life
        • Need to worry about Laser down time
      • Fundraise for more powerful tube set-up and power supply - potential for ¾”
      • Can we find an airflow system from an HVAC system - put it in front of the exhaust in the machine
        • Checks for clogged filters/blowers
    • RFID Report - Pierre/Grant
      • Everytime we get halfway to completion something goes down
        • Broken USB port - had to be resoldered on
      • We need to be moving towards a system where membership can be turned on/off remotely, not physically uploaded to the machine
        • In order to implement it as security system, we need to move past the .txt file
        • Process need to be well documented - needs to be secure
        • Official registry of members tied to their payment
        • Only 1 or 2 members having access to that secure system
      • Needs some rewiring
      • Drop-in members need access to the building
      • Members who do not pay cannot have access
      • Membership levels
        • We should entertain the thought that we have only one level of membership - $75 everyone is a key holder
      • Can we implement a system that allows drop-in members more access to the building - a timer on the RFID system
      • Security issue - who can kick people out when the hours are done
      • We need $4000 to keep the lights on
      • Membership discussion had been brought to the membership - little responses
      • Grant motions - We switch the membership rates to $75 per month once the RFID survives reliability testing. Kyle seconds
        • Vaughn counter motions to $50 a month - we would need 200 regular members
        • $75 is 54 members and we have 60 fobs
        • Deposit of $25
        • Grace period?
        • What do we mean by RFID system - membership tracking solution? On top of keeping doors open
          -** Kile counter motions** giving physical keys to all members October 1st to keep it separate from the RFID issue
        • Megan motions to upgrade security system to properly monitor people alone in the building
      • Simplified motion - On October 1st all new members become $75 keyholder. Current and returning drop-in members can pay 3 months @ $50 and get a key - new rate effective January 1st. RFID Deadline December 1st.
        • All members in attendance are key holders
        • Cory was in the other room as a token drop-in member he votes in the affirmative
        • Unanamous
    • Fall/Winter Workshops - Megan
      • Workshops
        • Vaughn - Vectors, airbrushing, vinyl
        • ClaySpace - Kathleen Raven, Janet
        • Craftorium - Ashley has 8 planned, Megan has several
        • 101’s for new members
      • Rates
        • Suggested $5 for members, $40 for non-members for interactive workshops
        • $5 for members, $20-30 for non-members for information workshops
        • Addition costs may be added for materials and supplies at the discretion of the workshop coordinator
      • Shop orientations
      • Megan will sticky the form to the Workshops section of the forum
        -ClaySpace Report - Vaughn
      • Orientation last night was a huge success
      • September 29th Open House 5-8pm
        • @6:30 speeches
        • Open house for the whole building
        • Throw-out Thursday the night before instead of Maker Monday
      • Kamloops Art Gallery Hexagonal Bee tiles installation invitation
        • Work toward building these over the winter for installation in spring
      • Hack nights having coordinators on hand with activities going on
      • Thanks to everyone who helped out
    • New Classroom Activation - Kile
      • Thanks to Vaughn for finishing out the installation
      • Haven’t had much time to lay out ground rules other than the basics
        • Book on the calendar in advance
        • Keep it clean (brooms are in the closet at the end of the hall)
        • No storing of projects/tools in that room
      • Adapt our grant application so the 3D Printer does not have to move up there
      • For the future -
        • Easily reconfigurable table space
          • Nothing else in the room!
        • Projector
        • White Board
        • Lecturn
      • Rate for rental?
        • Free for members
        • First time free
        • Rate to be determined based on use
        • Vaughn suggests $20 per hour
    • STEM Education Funding - Kile
      • Promoscience - good source of funding
        • $15-20,000 per year for what we are already doing
        • In partnership with MakerBus, BLSC, and TRU
      • 3 buckets of money
        • Rent - H4ckNight
        • MakerBus - Get that show on the road
        • Kits/Resource development
          • Being able to pay people to set this up
      • Makerspace commitment over 3 years
        • We need to deliver H4CkNight - only get paid if we have H4ckNight
        • @Nicholas has committed to 18 events per year - Makerspace has first dibs to provide volunteers, then BLSC
      • Vaughn is asking if the bus will be here on every Wednesdays. Kile cannot answer to this as the Bus belongs to @Nicholas and that discussion needs to happen with him.
      • Honorariums will be paid out to people who deliver the content
      • Please see the budget in Teams
      • Tensions were high during this discussion
      • Deadline is September 15th.
      • Commitment letter to go out tomorrow
      • Whoever works on the projects gets remunerated
      • Kile is happy to discuss any other details after the meeting
    • Fundraising - Megan
      • Pub Night?
        • First week in October so we can sell tickets at Culture Days
        • Will confirm details in the next week and post to the forum before going ahead
      • Trying to find local business to sell things made here
        • Golden Buddah (@Vaughn)
        • LEAP/TRU (@Nicholas)
      • Every member try to find a user group to rent rooms
        • Homeschool Groups
        • Gamer groups
        • Etc.
      • Craft fairs
        • If everyone can make one or two things a week we can have a lot of stuff for November
    • Report on summer events - Megan
      • Hot Nite
        • $1500 for work, $70 from booth
        • Good exposure, bonded us as a community
      • Pride Parade
        • $146 on painted pins and have custom orders for more
      • Daybreak
        • Applying for Grant
        • Vocational meeting a go
        • January/February
    • Culture Days - Vaughn
      • Shop coordinators please clean-up shop spaces before
      • Personal property needs to be labeled or it will be disposed of
      • Look to the forum for updates
      • Please submit sponsors/donors to thank from 6:30-6:45
      • Activities being done throughout the building in all shops
    • Halloween - Megan
      • Hoping for set-up on the 25th or 26th
      • Vaughn posters ASAP
      • Theme?
      • Forum post for planning - Planning meeting in the net couple weeks
    • Lease - Vaughn
      • Landlords would like to see $3000 a month
        • Need to complete the business plan (Plan Genie)
        • We are currently paying $2350
      • Lease up on July 1st, 2019
        • 3 options - renew, get a space in conjunction, or find another building
        • We need to begin to start thinking about what we will do when this is up
        • We need to give 1 year notice to move out
      • Vaughn needs to recuse himself from further lease discussions due to conflict of interest
        • Suggests Bradley Maker as replacement
        • Landlords do not need to be actively engaged at this time
          • Will be here for Culture Days
      • Can we take over the basement? - Renovation
      • Issues with building location
        • Issues with New Life Community
      • We cannot become paralyzed by “what-ifs”
        • We can’t allow the potential of a move to prevent us from upgrading this building
        • We also have the option to share space with BLSC
      • Look into funding for refurbishing the outside of the building
      • @Nicholas has floated the idea of having his election gathering here to watch the results
        • Day after culture days so space should still be clean ;P
    • Gratitude/Thank-yous
      • Vaughn - Thanks to everyone who helped with the Clayspace
      • Dave - Pierre to get Laser back up and running
      • Pierre - to the cow he is eating
      • Kile - Vaughn for clayspace/classroom upgrade and all the work he put in there. All shop coordinators working on cleaning and develop better flow in their shops
      • Megan - Thanks to everyone who helped out this summer to keep everything going, turning up for events (even if they weren’t fully comfortable)
      • Grant - Megan for tying up the loose ends
      • Cole - Kile for chairing this meeting!
      • Ashley - Megan for getting the website updated - trying for over a year. Cole agrees
      • Kyle - to everyone keeping the space open

    Meeting adjourned @ 9:35

  • [quote]Simplified motion - On October 1st all new members become $75 keyholder. Current and returning drop-in members can pay 3 months @ $50 and get a key - new rate effective January 1st. RFID Deadline December 1st.

    All members in attendance are key holders
    Cory was in the other room as a token drop-in member he votes in the affirmative

    I can’t even afford to pay $50 per month, much less $75.
    I joined on the promise of paying $50 per month and getting access to the space between set hours (“with an electronic locking system so I don’t have to be here to keep the door open” -Dave), with the promise of 24/7 access granted with a “keyholder” membership at a higher cost. It became clear though after only six months that there was a clear lack of initiative to proceed on this, if not juat so people were not leaving the space because they were fed up with the space being constantly inaccessible outside of Mondays, Wednesdays and perhaps Saturday. While admittedly I was not present at the meeting to voice these concerns I have noted this to others in recent months that going such a direction to a high-cost single tier system might make things easier it negatively impacts members who wish to sign up simply because they cannot afford their own workspace, myself included. $50 is a significant amount to me.
    Loitering around outside until a keyholder did make an appearance was only mildly irritating the first few times (Vaughn, Cole and initially Dave do not count in this matter because they have their own lives and thus are not expected to be at the space “just because”) but this is something I can neither endorse or stand beside. I’m done.

  • Design Lab

    @MIPS thanks for your comment and I am sorry you’re pissed about this! I think that it can be worked out, though - as the post mentions, we have multiple ways to accommodate such excellent and valuable members as yourself.

    Hope we can work it out - its all about accommodating good members such as yourself in terms of access, capabilities and workability.

  • Classroom

    @MIPS, I totally understand your frustration. To be honest I am personally at least a couple months behind in my membership dues. While I do plan to catch up when I am able, I don’t feel bad about accessing the space until that point. From my perspective, it would be better for the space to have the contributions from a good member such as yourself, and no dues payment at all, than it would having neither.

    That said we still need to pay the bills.

    In the past there have been special arrangements struck around memberships for individuals, but these have been verbal agreements with no documentation. This creates a problem as time goes on and the board changes over etc. Temporary arrangements become less temporary, and so on…

    We want to be an inclusive group, and DO NOT want to lose core individuals such as yourself. Based on what what you do around the space, @Bradley-Maker, @Vaughn and myself all agreed that we would be very happy to see you continue to continue membership at the rate of $50/month if you feel you can afford that. That just happened to be the first three board members that ran into each other, I feel confident the other members of the board would agree.

    As a matter of policy, we would rather deal with these discussions discretely and in a non-public fashion for member privacy reasons, so please do not feel compelled to commit to anything publicly. But I do hope that you are not “done” at the space as you put it.

    I would like to find sources of funding to subsidize memberships for more people, and we will continue to work on this. But in the mean time we would rather work with individuals to accommodate access than lose members. We just need to get a handle on what those accommodations are.

    Thank you for your raising your concerns.

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