Culture Days Fri Sept 29 5-8 pm

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    The City of Kamloops has requested we host an activity during Culture Days, which is at the end of September, to show off the results of their strong support and enhance the city-wide event.

    This is an ideal and timely opportunity to have an opening reception for the new Clay Space, Kiln Room and new Classroom as well as tours and demos throughout the building on the evening of FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29th 5-8 pm.

    Here is the link to Culture Days activities; I will add Makerspace to the roster once we have some details worked out. Hopefully we can get some key members to show off the laser, 3d printing, CNC, Clay Space demo, etc to guests for a few hours.[]=2017-09-29&day[]=2017-09-30&day[]=2017-10-01&start_time=&end_time=&name=&organizer=&language=&wheelchair=0&type=&type[]=&category=&category[]=&keyword=&query=

    Ill lead the charge on this, but appreciate all the help, ideas and person power possible! Lets get this fall and winter season kicked off in style.

    Thank you.

  • Classroom

    @Vaughn, this sounds like a great change to get some people into the building, and to celebrate the opening of the Clayspace. Very exciting!

    Just curious, can I ask how the city requested our involvement?

  • This is something I’ve been looking at. Its teaching kids automata. for the event we could premake many of the pieces. This activity is best done on a central table so kids can compare and learn from each other.

  • Member

    @Grant-Fraser if you want to do the automata thing perhaps get in contact with @lily as she is very familiar with such things

  • Design Lab

    @Grant-Fraser omg that is fabulous!

    Hmmm, lets set this up and promote it, both for Culture Days and as an activity on Hack Nights? Ill make an advert for it.

    We should make a tote dedicated to this craft, both for in-house and Makerbus programming.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Design Lab

    Shop coordinators:

    • we are hoping to have all shops and studios clean, organized and hopefully demoing from 6pm to 8pm Friday September 29th for Culture Days Open House. Please reach out to people for the help or support you need to do so.
    • we want to invite EVERYBODY - sponsors, supporters, user groups, past or lapsed members, potential new users - let’s do this up properly, especially in terms of ensuring we take the opportunity to thank SPONSORS. So please add you’re list of ‘must comes’ to this thread and we’ll start sending them invites.

    • it would be excellent to have a demo or something going in each area - the 3D printer mid-way through a cool build, the laser banging out wallets, the wood shop showing off the saw, the clay space letting people make.a.small thing, the Craftorium showing some technique, and the design lab making decals or.something, a programmable LED demo? The point is we can expect a good turn out and it is a great opportunity to promote membership and donation.

    There will be ongoing finishing touches between now and then and then a final push Thursday Sept 28 to get ready for a.busy few days at the Space.

    Thanks once again to everyone who is really doing their best to see the Makerspace work, grow and get more awesome every month - people are impressed with our development and interest in new memberships is high - let’s keep our.momentum going into a.kicksass fall winter season.

    @Chainmaildave @MIPS @Ron_Ron @pierre @KillwithKindness @megan-fenkhuber @amanda_e @Bradley-Maker @vaughn

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    Heres the link to our Culture Days Open House next Friday evening:

    I also launched an ad on our facebook page - please please oh please share it?

    If you arent a facebook person, consider sending the link above to friends or family on email - its really important to do a full-court share on this in the next few days to ge the buzz going.

    Ideally, I should update the Culture Days activity page as we confirm any interactive activities, etc. like:

    • the paper automata? id love to see a tote-tivity created for this one. @lily isnt in town can someone do this one?

    • have the 3D printer in the middle of an impressive print from 6-8 pm ish -printing the City of Kamloops logo would be awesome, but any cool build is good. @ColeVanD ?

    • run the laser - make wallets or some other giveaway?

    • a clay space demo or activity going (cheetie, janet, amanda)

    • craftorium activity?

    • Ill do something in the design lab (custom decals, probably)

    And thank you so fricken much to the people who are working so hard to organize, clean and improve the Space - you totally inspire me to do more, too! Lets keep the momentum going.

    Did I ask that you please pleeeeeeeease shaaaaaare the facebook announcement for this? It takes one click, but is realllly valuable to us right now.

  • Design Lab

    Script for Friday (a work in progress):

    5pm doors open to public

    • there will be chips and drinks served in Lounge, Woodshop and Fabshop. Need helper to distribute.

    • Tours and visiting, as required.

    6pm - main guests arrive, including funders and sponsors.

    • Visiting in Lounge, begin touring them - Please try to limit tour groups to 6-8, to avoid congestion.

    6:15pm - begin gathering people on 3rd floor

    • Hot food and drinks served in Classroom

    6:30pm Official opening of Clay Space, Kiln Room and Classroom

    • Speeches (TBA; hoping someone from City, Amanda and or Cheetie, etc) approx. 10 mins

    6:45pm to 9pm General tours, demos, activities and Maker Madness!

    Need helpers to keep tours moving and do demos, run machines, etc. Ask for a task.
    Need to rake up side of building

    Culture Days link (PLEASE SHARE):

    Facebook event page:{"source"%3A5%2C"page_id_source"%3A1583639188537576%2C"action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"page"%2C"mechanism"%3A"main_list"%2C"extra_data"%3A"{\"page_id\"%3A1583639188537576%2C\"tour_id\"%3Anull}"}]%2C"has_source"%3Atrue}

  • Design Lab

    Just wanted to THANK everyone who made the special Open House on Friday night!

    We had great attendance, plenty of action in the building, signed up new members, got donations, sold swag, opened the Clay Space…all under a full double rainbow. Wow!

    So many have helped out in ways large and small, but I think special call outs are in order:

    @KillwithKindness - the Space has never looked better, the food has been delish and your leadership on Maker Monday’s has had such a positive impact here. On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @megan-fenkhuber - the new website, the ever-improving Craftorium, your fundraising and events efforts, and great attitude are a real asset to the Space - On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @amanda_e - your guidance of the creation of the Clay Space and incredibly talented involvement at Kamloops Makerspace is just phenomenal - we are lucky to have such top flight talent (in such a friendly and competent person): On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @pierre - the laser maintenance, Fab Shop clean and upgrades, long-suffering, late night support of jobs too complicated for anyone else, getting it DONE… On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Grant-Fraser - (insert endless list of things Grant has done for the Makerspace here!) seriously: this place wold not work without your skills, talent, patience and common sense. For your 1000’s of selfless hours of work: On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Bradley-Maker - the wood shop looks deaddddllllyyyy, all your work on our Board and for Founding the place!! On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @ColeVanD - the 3D print of the Kamloops logo was a big hit, your work in the Hack Room, at events and generally being awesome: On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @bradsoto - Great to have new members jumpinig right in! Great work in the Hack Room, new server… On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Beth - you and Dennis the Younger are a huge help here, and great Members. Always a pleasure to work with you two - On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Sue - your solid help on the 3rd floor and facilitation of Senor Froggy’s delicious food, and a million other things you’ve done for the Space: you are always a quality Team mate! On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @robert for the donation of the 3020 mill, the donation of all the great Senor Froggy’s food and your continued support: On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Nicholas - list too long to type. You’re a super Member and Founder! We are lucky to (still) have you! On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @ornatesapphire - for all the work you’ve done here (plenty of them ‘non-fun’ ones, too): On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Krankin - great work and volunteering: On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Chainmaildave - long serving and suffering Lounge Lizard: On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Janet On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @cheetie On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @n0pe On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @cory doyle On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @Ron_Ron On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    @arasbm - On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    I probably forgot people who helped to get the Space ready - On behalf of all Members: THANK YOU.

    OK, the Clay Space is up and running! Congrats to us all, and lets carry on…what’s next??


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