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    So, we have yet another new capability: a Classroom/meeting room! This 3rd floor renovation has taken a while, but is going to be very useful for a wide variety of activities, including expanding Studio space to host bigger workshops, have meetings in a quiet room, rent for users, and more.

    Special thank you’s to M3 Squared Developments, and Sherwin Williams paint for their help with the drywall install and paint supplies, and to @Grant-Fraser, @amanda_e, @KillwithKindness, @megan-fenkhuber, @Bradley-Maker and @Trevor Dick for all the hard work.

    A few notes about this Classroom space:

    • It is for the use of Makerspace Members and User Groups to do workshops, meetings and one-off functions.
    • It must be left clean and neutral after each use - users will be expected to leave the Classroom space in as good or better condition to when they started. Failure to do so will result in loss of privileges.
    • All use must be booked on the calendar (for both planning and tracking of use).
    • The Classroom space is NOT for ongoing projects that inhibit other users (ie, unfinished projects, storage of unrelated stuff, etc). It is meant to be a clean, neutral and accessible Space available at all times, without having to cleanup from the previous user.

    So, congrats to everyone that made this happen - lets put it to good use!

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    We had our first new user group at the Makerspace due to the availability of the Classroom (the paint wasn’t even dry!): the Kamloops Open Gamers, who will be in the Classroom each Wednesday evening for a test period to the end of October.

    Their 4x4 gaming surfaces are currently marked and stored in the hall outside the @Design Lab (no hack, obviously).

    They donate the drop-in money to the Space.

    Please keep your eyes open for other user groups that may be a good fit for the new Classroom - even if the income is minimal at first, we can get the Classroom lit up and the word out about the new resource.

  • @Vaughn We need a calendar for the classroom so we don’t overbook

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    @Grant-Fraser - Thats what my post says above? See the calendar on the right for current bookings.

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